D1 Draft Prospect Rankings: Infield & Catchers

Basically it is a top 10 at each position. Arkansas players are in each list except for 1B. Comments accompanying each list were limited to the first few players in the rankings.

  • Catcher: #10 Michael Turner
  • Second Base: #4 Robert Moore
  • Shortstop: #6 Jalen Battles
  • Third Base: #2 Cayden Wallace cliff notes: " As the top four-year college third base prospect Cayden Wallace doesn’t have a ton of projection, but he’s a steady performer with very good makeup and is likely to overachieve during his pro career." After more analysis, the conclusion was “He projects to become a better than average defender in pro ball.”

Hopefully D1 Baseball isn’t still identifying Cayden as being an OU player, like one of their tweets did earlier this week.

They did have him properly identified as an Arkansas player.

I read that tweet. I corrected the dude. :joy::joy:


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