D1 Baseball tournament projections update

Hogs still 1 national seed, Fayetteville field is Okie Lite, Nebraska and ORU. Paired with the Florida State regional.

And the Rebnecks fell off the regional host list in favor of FSU after series loss and Gunnar Hoglund’s injury. Poor Rebs. OMAHA once again.

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ORU has given us problems in years past. So has Okie Lite. Still, I expect those are likely opponents in the Fayetteville regional since they truly try to make those teams regional.

Of course those 4 seeds are awfully speculative since those spots often end up with upset winners of lower level conference tournaments.

That’s kind of a crap draw #4 seed for us if that pans out. We would be the overall #1 seed and should get the team ranked #64 on the NCAA selection list as our #4 seed in our regional. We should get a SWAC or MEEAC team.

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They don’t do that in baseball. Seeding stops at #16, basically. After that it’s geographics and/or conference alignment; they’re not going to put Ole Miss or Georgia in our regional as a 2 seed for instance. We’ve gotten some Pac-12 teams in our regional because all the regionals out there were in Pac-12 ballparks.

That’s just now how a true regional baseball format plays out.

Not many schools are rolling in the $$$ when it comes to money, especially through pandemic losses.

I’ve quit trying to figure out who will be in a regional. Some years you can kind of guess which teams it will be, and some years Cal and Central Connecticut State are both sent here.

I think “regional” is a term that should be taken with a grain of salt.


Here’s Baseball America’s projection. Nothing regional about our regional.

Speaking of which, the possible regional sites should be out today.

I like that projection better than the other, but they’re all speculating. The top 16 spots are probably somewhat accurate.

Having Virginia Tech here would be interesting. One of the founders of the Baum BQ Squad is now at Virginia Tech. Tim Kring was also responsible for the Swatters Club email listserv back before Facebook and Twitter became prevalent.

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