D1 Baseball Streaming

Has anyone else seen where D1 Baseball (Kendall Rogers, etc.) is getting into the streaming business?

I saw this last month and meant to post about it. (Maybe somebody already has.) They will be streaming the Frisco Classic and the Round Rock Classic this year on D1Baseball.com.

Unfortunately for our fans who will NOT be in Arlington, Flo Sports still has the rights to the State Farm Showdown there.

Here’s a story:


Kyle Peterson owns D1Baseball, so he obviously has the connections in the broadcast realm.

I’ll be interested to see just how deep into the streaming world D1Baseball gets. ESPN has a pretty good stranglehold on the rights for college baseball that is played on campus.

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How long has he owned it?

I think he might be one of multiple investors, but he has been with the website since it launched in 2014 or 2015.

Is that when the rebrand happened? I remember when it was just a place to find all the scores for the weekend, seems like it’s older than that. I love what it’s become, don’t know about this new SEC extra coverage though.

Yes, after the rebrand. The thought was that D1Baseball already had some name appeal and traffic, so the domain was bought and the website’s content changed.

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Let’s see. Website owner, CEO of a commercial real estate firm in Omaha, and ESPN talking head. Yeah KP has done rather well for himself. That Stanford degree has been put to good use.

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Kyle is an impressive person. Nothing he does should surprise.