D1 Baseball still has us the #3 national seed

In spite of the loss to LSU and the subsequent drop to #6 in RPI. Obviously the D1B guys think our resume is stronger than Georgia, ECU and Moo U, three teams above us in RPI. We lead the nation in top-25 RPI wins, because Vandy has been beating up on the least of the East, UCLA is in the Pac-11 and Moo U didn’t beat us at all.

Well, I would say that’s impressive!!

Totally agree with that…we have played well against a very good schedule.

That would certainly put us in a great position to advance. Does their prediction assume any particular outcome this weekend or in Hoover? Or do they just assume we’ll do well enough from here on out that we’ll get the 3?

The article didn’t say, but they did say in their top 25 chat yesterday (a question from a Moo U fan who thinks they deserve top-3 seed) that we’re ahead of the Humpers at the moment because of the sweep, but we (or Vandy or UCLA) could certainly falter and open up a top 3 spot. But they’re not assuming anything, just a snapshot of where we are on May 14.

They did say that even if we completely went in the tank, we’ve done enough already in their opinion to get the top 8 seed. I also looked at Baseball America’s chat from today; they said the only way we could blow a seed is to go 0-5.

Just my opinion here, but if we lost the series at A&M and MSU makes a deeper run at Hoover than we do, they could pass us. Someone posted somewhere that we could go one-and-done in Hoover. Nope. One and done only applies to seeds 5-12 and we can’t be lower than fourth. So we’ll get at least two games. However, the NCAA committee has not generally penalized teams for crashing and burning in Hoover if they’re already firmly in the field, but they do reward bubble teams for deep runs (A&M last year for instance).

My guess is the lowest we could get is a 6 seed. And we could theoretically move up to a 2 if Vandy or UCLA tanks. I don’t think we could pass both, but I could be wrong; sweep A&M and run the table in Hoover (that would be seven wins, 46-13 record) and maybe we get there with a little help. Series loss to UK would not look good for VU (and would give us the regular season title if we sweep TAM), and UCLA finishes with Washington and at Oregon.

Speaking of Hoover, it’s gonna be real interesting to see who’s left out. UK, Bummer and Poultry are all 7-20; one of those three goes to Hoover. UK hosts Vandy. Chickens go to Moo U. Bummer goes to Georgia. All three of those could be sweeps. The one who does best is in. Bama took a series from the Chickens. SoCar took a series from UK. Bama and UK didn’t play. So if there’s still a three-way tie Saturday night, no idea who gets in.

I doublechecked on Misery. Their baseball program was put on probation in January for academic matters, but they have appealed which will take about a year, so for now they’re OK and will be in Hoover.

I do not want the #1 seed

Only one team (Miami) has won the CWS as the 1 seed, and that was the first year of the Super Regional format.

We’re not likely to be a #1 seed. At least I don’t think so. It looks like its gonna be Vandy or UCLA. However, I wouldn’t put much stock in that 1 seed history. There are always 8 good teams in the CWS. I think it’s just one of those coincidences that happen. Sorta like a coin landing on heads 10x in a row.

I am aware of that

But I am superstitious when it comes to baseball

What I do like is that there are several instances of teams losing the CWS finals one year and winning the next.

I’m kinda slow this morning. Should have realized you were being a bit tongue in cheek.

Vandy is playing their best ball of the year and Tim Corbin has them peaking but will it be Hoover or Super Regionals and Omaha when they start the decline? They play better defense and run the bases smarter than we do. Sweeping UK is not easy any series because the Mildcats do have a projected potential overall #1 pick lefty (seems to have lost that potential slot) and can beat anybody any time.

We do have our SC connection to make a series happen, wonder if we could extend to UCLA in the future?

I’m doubtful that our mental walkabouts can be solved to win it all in Omaha, these guys have to much recent historical success to change their habits. I don’t think DVH has a motivational leverage. Seeding may or may not make a difference since there is always a chance that a really hot team on a roll could be bracketed opposite of us in a super regional and make the journey to Omaha difficult.

Perfect Game has us as the #3 National Seed as well in their latest projections (5/15):

16 Host Sites

1 UCLA vs. 16 LSU
2 Vanderbilt vs. 15 Illinois
3 Arkansas vs. 14 Oregon State
4 Mississippi State vs. 13 Texas A&M
5 East Carolina vs. 12 Miami, FL
6 Georgia vs. 11 Oklahoma State
7 Texas Tech vs. 10 Louisville
8 Stanford vs. 9 Georgia Tech

https://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/Vi … icle=16427


Come on guys, first lets concentrate on taking care of business this week. That is all we have any control over at this point.

We don’t have any control over anything that happens this week, either. If this were the team involved in this discussion, it’d be a concern. Since it’s only fans, there’s no reason not to discuss things like this.

Today’s bracketology at D1B pairs us with LSU in the supers. Before you panic, remember we thrashed LSU in the first two games last week. A super would be over at that point. Although Mainieri might be tempted to throw that Saturday starter at us again.

Word is that if UCSB is chosen to host (no lights at their field), the site would be the minor league park in Las Vegas, five hours away. However if they then advance to the super, they could host in their own park if needed. With only two teams, all day games is feasible.

Baseball America has us as a 3 seed, paired with the UC Santa Barbara regional.

https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories … -64-51519/