D1 Baseball Regional Projections

Fayetteville Regional

1 Arkansas
4 Oral Roberts

3 Texas
2 Missouri State

Paired with Ft Worth Regional in Supers

http://www.collegesportsmadness.com/bas … acketology

Similar, but paired with Louisville.

One difference is that, based on the National seeds they would have us advancing to play, the projection you list in the OP would have us as the #10 team (since we would play the #7 team), while the one I listed has us at 15th.

I agree with D1Baseball more than those guys, Wiz. I don’t see us as the #15 seed. Somewhere in the 10-11-12 range seems right, and that’s how D1 has it. D1 also has Clemson as the 16 and Arizona as the 15, which is probably flipped but I don’t think they can pair two top seeds from the same conference in a super.

You are missing an important component. And the second website is missing it as well.
Only the Top 8 are actually seeded.
The pairings for Super Regionals are set up geographically, and sometimes based on conference affiliation, not based on seedings.
You cannot say we would be the #15 seed if paired against the #2, because there is no such thing as a 15 seed.
There has been some discussion about whether it would be better to seed all the teams, but the drawback to that is it can make it more difficult for fans to travel for games

That’s actually what I thought but couldn’t find anything to confirm it; they don’t put up the seeding criteria anywhere like they have done for March Madness. So I wasn’t gonna tell Wiz he was full of it without some proof.

They (Kenall Rogers and Aaron Fitt) have discussed this several times on D1Baseball.
So I fully expect our Regional to be paired with Ft Worth or Lubbock.
Or if Southern Miss pulls out a National, maybe paired with Hattiesburg.

Those would make sense, but they could also send us to Chapel Hill or Corvallis or Louisville. Wouldn’t be the first time they ignored geography to send us on some far-flung journey in mid-June.

Fayetteville to Louisville isn’t much different than Fayetteville to Lubbock or Hattiesburg.

I thought of that after I posted, but there should be numerous regionals closer to The Ville (Lexington, for one, assuming that UK doesn’t get a seed) than anyone is to Lubbock. Louisville is actually about 30 air miles closer to Fedvul than Lubbock is.