D1 Baseball Ranks the top 100 Programs

1 Florida
2 Vandy
3 Hogs!

This is their ranking of programs as of now, not all time.

We were 13 in their last rankings in 2017

UF and LSU are good because of their recruiting base and warm climate.

UA has great facilities, fans, and coaches.

What is it about Vandy? Most players at that level aren’t worried about degrees, are they?

I’ve heard the theory about private school scholarships. It can’t be that much of an advantage or other schools would be screaming and fighting to close the loophole.

Vandy’s stadium is adequate at best. Also, they don’t have a large fan base.

I think that applies to baseball, but I’m not sure that the private school scholarships are a factor in football. Maybe @RichardDavenport or @DudleyDawson can enlighten us.

Yes, this is a baseball board and the thread is about baseball.

Hopefully, Matt Jones has some thoughts

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I’m sorry southpaw, I read that in a quick scan of all the posts that I had missed and I thought it was on the Recruiting board. :flushed:

Vanderbilt has a terrific track record of putting players in the majors. I think that’s the draw, plus you get a Vanderbilt education to fall back on.

This is a good read on the the baseball aspect of endowments at Vanderbilt and other private schools.

I had not heard about that huge gift to Vandy. That explains a lot, how they’re able to throw money at a lot of students, not just athletes.