D1 Baseball projections

#5 national seed, paired with TTech
Bad Uni Bears as #2
Purdue #3
Texas Southern #4

All four SEC hosts as top 8 (Ga 7)

Other SEC teams (11 in all)
Chickens as 2 seed at Coastal
LSU as 2 seed in Austin
Moo U as 3 at ECU
Aggies 2 seed in Lubbock
Vandy 3 seed in Minny
UK 3 seed at Clemson
Auburn 2 seed at Stetson

Baseball America projections

#5 seed, paired with ECU
Indiana 2 seed
Dallas Baptist 3 seed
ORU 4 seed

LSU 2 seed in Minny
Chickens 2 at UNC
UK 3 at Clemson
Georgia as the 9 seed
Aggies as 3 in Lubbock
Vandy 3 at Coastal
Moo U 2 at Stanford
Auburn 2 at NCS

It looks like LSU got taken care of if this is what actually happens tomorrow.

You have to give the Corndogs credit. A month ago they were dead, but they played their way in. At least they won’t host. I wouldn’t want to be a seeded team with them coming to my place as a 2.

So why do I get the feeling they’ll put them in the regional paired with us?

The one thing that we know about all of the projections: they will all be wrong (at least to some extent.)