D1 Baseball Previews the Regionals

Every year D1 Baseball presents extensive reviews of all of the regionals in the tournament. One of the things they list is the probability of 1 to 10 of the favorite winning the regional. Of the ones they have previewed so far, the favorite is generally scored about a 6 to advance out of the regional. In the Fayetteville regional, Arkansas is rated a nine as far as probability to advance. They said they almost made it a 10. In the several years that I have been following D1 Baseball, I have never seen such a prohibitive favorite.

Arkansas is also listed as having the best hitter, pitcher, defense, offense, starting rotation, and bullpen.

This is truly a superlative team.


Behind a paywall. I may have to break down and subscribe one of these years.

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I love their site
Have payed for a few years now

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Is that the best single hitter or the best hitting lineup?


Franklin best hitter
Hogs best offense

Franklins been struggling, hope he breaks out this weekend, I think he will

Speaking of struggling…I could have gotten very large odds a month ago that Goodheart would finish the season with a better batting average than J. Battles.

But, as of today, they are tied. Still not sure it will finish that way, but that speaks both to Matt’s struggles and Jalen’s recently hot bat.

I doubt Goodheart will continue to struggle at the plate. I think this weekend the hogs will get the bats to clicking. I hope so anyway.

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D1 experts pick the winner:

Patrick Ebert - Hogs
Mark Etheridge - Hogs
Eric Sorenson - Vandy
Aaron Fitt - Hogs
Shotgun Spratling - Vandy
Kendal Rogers - Hogs
Burke Granger - Hogs

All 7 picked us to make Omaha.

The Hogs are the national 1 seed, getting to host on their home. I wonder how the Hogs overall “9” rating compares to that of each of the 15 other regional 1’s?

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