D1 Baseball Power Rankings: Shortstop

D1 Baseball has a weekly ranking of positions. Their “Power Rankings”. Although theses lists are generally all about who has the best offensive numbers, for shortstop (and catcher) D1 says “defensive statistics and ability are weighed more heavily”.

They rank the Top 30 shortstops. Jalen Battles is not even in their top 30!! (Surely this was a simple oversight).

They list Jacob Gonzalez, Ole Miss, as #4.

For comparison:

Gonzalez: BA - .288
Runs - 51
Hits - 47
HR - 14
RBI - 39
Fld % - .953
PO - 48
A - 93
E - 7

Battles: BA - .275
Runs - 34
Hits - 49
HR - 7
RBI - 35
Fld % - .964
PO - 63
A - 124
E - 7

That has to be an oversight.

Last weekend was an uncharacteristic bad one defensively for Battles, but he’s the best SS we ever had, imo.

Gonzalez is a soph. He’s a left handed hitter. His OPS is greater than 1.0. His walks almost double his strikeouts.

The comparison wasn’t to say Gonzalez doesn’t deserve to be listed as #4.

The point of comparing stats was to ask: “If Gonzalez is #4, are there really 26 other shortstops better than Battles?”

The list not having Battles is top 30 is laughable,smooth as butter in the field,rocket arm,bat what will probably keep him out of the show

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