D1 Baseball picks us #1 in the West

as always going to be an absolute war but if we stay healthy and get the pitching we have to have we can beat anybody.

I just want to see the young arms on the mound. It will be a fun season.
It will be nice to see how they hit the ball this season.

yeah I’m excited to see the new guys…especially Webb and Adams.

You can tell that it is getting close to baseball. Tonight at the Catfish Hole we spent a lot of time talking about the upcoming baseball season.

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Can’t wait!!

Thinking about Catfish Hole and baseball makes me want to grip a hush puppy and spin it right into my mouth. There are enough in the bowl to try all my pitches. FYI, when I toss a hush puppy into my mouth, it’s always a fast ball on target.

Hmmm…those “projected standings” happen to be the exact standings/conference W/L records from 2019.

2019 Final Standings

Big target…


My wife tried HEB’s (Texas grocery store) “Curb side pick up” yesterday. All of the groceries came in paper bags. We use re-usable bags normally so I haven’t had paper grocery bags in the house for years. After we finished putting everything up and I was folding the bags I looked at my wife and said, “These make me want to cook some fish!”

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