D1 Baseball: OSU, ORU and Indiana State

In the Fayetteville Regional.

Paired with the Charlotte regional; they project Charlotte to replace LaTech as a CUSA host.

Baseball America projects OSU, Fairfield and ORU in Fayetteville, paired with the Old Dominion regional – but Old Dominion didn’t bid to host, so the Poultry would be the host team.

Looking like Okie Lite in Baum, which would not be a surprise.

Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Okie lite in Baum. They always scare me even though I’m confident we’re the better team. I hope our pitchers are “on.” It’s tough losing Pallette for the tournament. He’s done a pretty good job & at times has been very good.

I wouldn’t mind facing So Carolina in the super at Baum. (Of course, that means we’d have to face Sandy Koufax or whatever that kid’s name is that pitched against us in one of those games–the one the announcers were so impressed with, the one who was always one pitch away from a double play.)

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Will be a tough regional if true, we seem to have trouble with Okl St and Oru, Indiana st beat Tenn back to back games.

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