D1 Baseball: Hogs #8 preseason

And fourth in the SEC West.

LSU #1
Rebnecks #4
Gaggies #5
Hogs #8
Bama #20

And in the East:
Mustard Empire #2
Florida #7
Vandy #10
Poultry #23

Stanford #3
Wake Forest #6
Okie Lite #9
ECU #11
UNC #12


That is reasonable. The Hogs have known (good) pitching, but there are so many unknowns elsewhere. As we all know, DVH will try several lineups until he gets the best one.

Pretty high ranking for Ole Miss, even as defending champs

They lost quite a bit
One of the other polls only had them in the 13-15 range

Ole Miss lost a lot, but has a lot back, too. The Rebels will probably have the SEC’s best middle infield with Jacob Gonzalez and Peyton Chatagnier. TJ McCants is a good outfielder. Calvin Harris might take over full-time behind the plate and has a lot of big-game experience. So does Kemp Alderman. Hunter Elliott is in the conversation as the league’s best left-handed pitcher. There are a couple of stud freshman pitchers and some transfers who are well regarded.

I think of Mike Bianco’s program like I think of Dave Van Horn’s. It is always going to be good and in contention.

Bianco produces better cheerleaders. :sunglasses:

This year will be exciting because we don’t know what to expect, hopefully it will be a good kind of excitement. Arlington will give us a very good report card of what we have.

We begin to see how we stack up one month from tonight!

@SwineFusion Jeff, I almost spit my coffee out when I read “Mustard Empire”. I will use that back home with my Vol buddies…

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At some point I probably need to compile a list of all my warped nicknames. Of course, Tennessee was originally Evil Orange Empire-Knoxville, but after they bombarded Kiffin with mustard at Neyland in 2021, I decided Mustard Empire was appropriate. Besides, their unis are kinda the color of dried-up mustard.

IIRC SEC Shorts did a skit last summer where Tennessee was trying to smuggle a case of mustard on board an airplane. Yup, found it.

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Some of my Vol friends were ragging on the Ole Miss fans for throwing water bottles on the field at the Egg Bowl. I told them at least we didn’t see any golf balls or mustard bottles. They had no retort.


I have to wonder what would possess a Vol fan to steal mustard bottles from the concourse to throw at Joey Freshwater. Or bring them from home, even worse. Of course the golf balls had to be brought from home.

Being a Tennessee fan saves on clothing costs though. You can wear the same thing to football games, deer hunting, highway cleanup or when you check into the local county jail.



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