D1 Baseball: Hogs #5 national seed

We have the same record against Top 25 RPI teams as Florida does. Hmmm. And would have a better record if we beat them tonight.

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We have the same record against Top 25 RPI teams as Florida does. Hmmm. And would have a better record if we beat them tonight.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://d1baseball.com/postseason/posts … -the-case/”>https://d1baseball.com/postseason/postseason-snapshot-making-the-case/</LINK_TEXT>

[/quote]Great thing that the Hogs won last night…tonight could be special.

Even though that’s a fact that can’t be argued with even if we beat the Gators we will not move the needle very much.


A little surprised that Florida is going with a part-time mid-week starter against us. He went 1.2 innings against us in the game we beat Singer in Gainesville. Allowed two hits, no runs and struck out two (Koch and Shaddy fanned, Cole and Kenley singled, but then he got a double play grounder). Maybe we can cuff him around a little tonight.

Question (off subject of your RPI post). How does the tourney bracket work? I know they’re in double elimination right now, but if we beat FL, do we automatically advance to the next round? Or do we have to play a third game before the next round?

I disagree. Florida is going to be the No. 1 national seed. A 2-2 record against the Gators on the road/neutral site is going move the needle a lot in the eyes of the committee. It might be the difference in the No. 5 or 6 seed and the No. 4 seed.

The winner of the game tonight will advance to the single-elimination semifinal round that will be played Saturday. The loser of the game tonight will play an elimination game against LSU or South Carolina tomorrow.

Matt, who do you think we throw in the next game, whether it’s Friday or Saturday? Campbell or somebody else?

I think it will be Campbell.

We could win today and advance to Saturday and then get put out with 1 loss!
That’s stupid.

I don’t think there is a good way to do a 12-team tournament in five days. It can’t go past Sunday because of the NCAA selection. If you did double elimination all the way through, it would be very hard to finish in five days unless somebody ran the table. The SEC softball tournament is single elimination, basketball style, and that’s not good either.

Start a day earlier.

Even if you start a day earlier, you still have the four-games-a-day schedule that pushes games past midnight. Double elimination might put four games on Saturday and Sunday. And, more to the point, makes teams burn their pitching with NCAA regionals starting four days later. I think that’s probably as much as anything why they go back to single elimination – saving the pitchers.

I agree.

Getting back to OP, D1B has our regional paired with – you guessed it – Texass. Fightin’ Fallopians would come to Baum for the super if both teams win their home regionals.

If you start the tournament a day earlier, you have to move up the final regular season series by a day.

There is no ideal way to play the tournament. You just kind of have to go along with what is already in place.

The tournament is pretty pointless other than as a vehicle to generate revenue for the conference.

Just have the top 8 teams come to the tournament. That would do it.

What’s the point? The top eight teams in the SEC are always going to be headed for the NCAA Tournament. The point of the tournament, other than making money, is to give teams that might not qualify for the NCAA postseason a chance to automatically qualify.

What needs to happen is for the SEC to eliminate the tournament altogether, but that’s not going to happen.

You are correct. Just add a series to everyone’s schedule and forget about the tournament. That’s the best solution to the whole thing!