D1 Baseball: Hogs #2

I expect most of the other polls to agree. LSU dropped from 2 to 5; Vandy fell from 5 to 12 after getting chomped in Gainesville.

Ranking LSU fifth with that bullpen is generous.


Let’s just sit back and watch how it plays out in Georgia this weekend. And in Hoover. I hope LSU end up on the road for a regional and gets beat! That would be great to see!

LSU could lose out and still be a top-eight seed because the seedings are based on the body of work, and LSU’s was the best until last week. The Tigers aren’t going on the road for the postseason.

That said, you’d have a hard time convincing me that LSU is one of the eight best teams right now. It’s hard to win when your bullpen gives up 20-plus runs every weekend.


It couldn’t happen to a more deserving team and fan base.