Nice D. Took awhile but figured it out.

One of the things these coaches tell the players is that defense travels. The offense might not always be there, but you win on the road with good defense. Ole Miss missed some open shots, but Arkansas asserted some good pressure.

Considering Macon was not himself and not really burning up the FT line on the road. D was big. And Beard and Hall.

D was big tonight for sure. It was a good win on the road, but this overall performance tonight isn’t gonna cut it at Alabama and Mo. they are gonna have to be more mentally prepared and more focused.
This was an important game. Road wins are very important at this time of the season. They played well down the stretch as OM made it a (short lived), close game.
GO HOGS, WPS:bangbang:


… but this overall performance tonight isn’t gonna cut it at Alabama and Mo. they are gonna have to be more mentally prepared and more focused.
GO HOGS, WPS:bangbang:

[/quote]Ole Miss shot 29% for the game, playing at home. That was their lowest percentage all season. Their next lowest output was 33.8% playing at Auburn. I agree with Gas, a superior defensive performance on the road.

Back-to-back games when the opponent hasn’t shot well. Coincidence? No. The Hogs have played better defense. That doesn’t mean they have arrived on defense, but they’re playing better on that end of the court.

Beard and Hall had great games. They picked up the slack on off nights for Macon and Barford. Gafford took care of putting up points in key situations.

This team is starting to gel. Now is the perfect time.


Very nice road win in a sloppy game - defense was definitely the key. I agree that, as others have stated, it was comforting to see us be able to win without Macon and Barford carrying us on their backs. Granted Ole Miss was in sad shape and did not exactly have their best game. But it was nice to see us hold on and then take the game over after Ole Miss came out after halftime and started hitting shots they were missing earlier. We’ve not responded well on the road when that happens many times this year.

It was also nice to see Gafford able to continue to play and contribute after the 2 early silly fouls. I think that’s a sign of maturity.

If Hall and Gafford can continue to progress the rest of this season it could be a fun ride for sure because Macon and Barford will not both be off on many nights.

Woo Pig!

I am usually a positive poster, but I have to look at this game as a mixed result against a lower echelon team that was not ready to play. First, congratulations to the role players that had great games. We could not have won without the offensive production of Hall and the solid performance,especially defensively of our bench players. Gafford showed his NBA skills with a great effort, both offensively and defensively. However, this is where I strongly disagree with Coach Anderson’s early game plan. The first whistle was a foul by Gafford on a 3 point attempt with less than1 minute of play. Gafford got his second foul in the next minute after a Rebel blew by an out of position defender. When the competition improves, we can’t get Gafford in foul trouble in 2 minutes. Our most effective defense is a match up zone. If nothing else, we don’t have Gafford fouling 20+ feet from the basket. Play zone ,then throw pressure at them. We are just not able to play pressure, trapping defensive as our primary defense with our current players.

This team can be factor in the NCCA if they can keep Gafford in the game and don’t let the opponent shoot uncontested 3’s. Barford and Macon are good enough to lead a good run in the NCAA if they have Gafford and the rest of the team is solid.
But we can’t win if we lose Gafford to fouls and allow the opposition to shoot uncontested 3’s.

Third straight game Arkansas has held its opponent to 65 points or less. Not the greatest teams offensively, but you don’t do that without playing solid team defense. Held Ole Miss to .622 PPP in the first half and 9 of 18 at the rim. That’s tremendous.

Great point about Gafford. that was huge for him.

You can’t play matchup zone the entire game. The other team will adjust to that. You have to mix defenses, which Mike is a master of.

That first foul was on Gafford, not on the coach. TJ explained our defense very well on Bo’s show yesterday. We trap and that usually leaves someone open. So someone is supposed to rotate and cover the open guy and that leaves another player open and that requires another guy to rotate and so on. When one guy fails to rotate correctly, it throws it all out of whack. That is what happened and Gafford found himself with a wide open shooter. In that instance, Gafford has to be smart and avoid fouling.

And when everyone rotates correctly, this defense is a thing of beauty. It has won a large number of games.

We don’t have the roster to play trapping man all the time. NR was the master of mixing defenses but I disagree about Mike mixing defenses very much. Mike rode his man trap defense into the ditch the last few years until he had to integrate more match up zone to save the season. I would love to see him start switching defenses before the game gets away from us or the season gets away from us. You can’t be so stubborn that you let us get down by 15+ points in the first half because of the wide open 3s the traps provide.

It is my hope and I believe that is what Mike shoots for, is that towards the end of the season, they will get a lot better at the trapping defense. That is Mike’s calling card and if you don’t play it enough, they will never get better. And I don’t think they play it all the time.