D Question

This is not trouble making. I truly want to understand.
Sam has been saying that the reason they kept running a three man rush that was not working was to help a struggling, injured secondary.
I get that having four linemen means we have one less DB, but it seems to me that not stopping the run and applying no pressure on the QB makes it harder on the secondary.
Sam has forgotten more than I know, but I don’t understand it.
Anyone? Solid info, not griping please.

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I could be wrong because my memory isn’t what it use to be but I believe MSU got behind the D once in the game. I think if you told Sam and the coaches that would be it and you would have at least four opportunities to intercept the ball, they would’ve taken that.

More DBs less space to cover. I get the other agruement too but the coaches sided on more back in coverage.


CSP mentioned in his presser they had used the same coverage the past 2 years. Do you think the Pirate decided he was going to attack it differently if that’s the D we presented? I would have.

Not only did Arkansas drop eight the past two years, other teams copied them.

If the Hogs were able to capitalize on the scoring opportunities, that would’ve given the D a boost. Enough to stop them scoring 40 points? Can’t say.


Yes, I know. But can you keep doing the same thing and not expect the other team to adjust their attack. We did. They adjusted. We lost.

It was obvious from the beginning of the game that the Pirate was going to run the ball against a 3 man front just like all the other teams will. We don’t have a dominant nose guard that can draw the double teams like we did last year.


Put 14 more points on the board for those two failed Red Zone efforts early, and its a different game. Pirate had the luxury of “playing downhill” most of the game. Might just see a tiny bit more pep in the step of the defense (not a concern, just a note that they would get a boost from a closer game). One tipped or near-miss INT and then its a contest to the end.


Which is why red zone offense and scoring offense are more important than total offense.

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Dude. We get it you’re not happy. None of us are. But posting the same s$%t over and over for 3 days ain’t helping. We are beat the F up in the secondary. We all know that.

Briles pisses me off with his cute crap sometimes, but do you think he is coaching to lose?

As far as Odom, based on available personnel, he is doing the best he can…at least to my eyes. He didn’t drop 4 pics.

Maybe just dial the negatively back to a 2 or 3…instead of 11. Up to you, but what you are doing is a bad look. Go Hogs!


Feel free to hit ignore. I call this a 7. Happy to ramp it to a 11 if you really want.

You and I agree on more overall (not this issue) than we don’t and I usually appreciate your posts but that ignore button is there for a reason.

I’m not going to apologize for my opinion, nor will I be internet bullied into silence. I pay the same fee to post around here as anyone else.

Your choice man, but why die on this hill with so much season left?

And, btw, ignoring someone is not my style. I have apologized many times on this board when I have taken it too far. Do you not feel you have more than made your point?

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Did you hear today Sam say he was involved with the play calls by briles, espeyon theb4th down calls and had the chance to veto the play call but didn’t and like the call?

I know east to say after the fact however what it does is prove Sam is involved with briles calls and approves when they are run.

Last year, I was pretty vocal about the defense when we weren’t giving teams multiple looks and applying some pressure. Interesting enough, at about the Misery game, BO started applying pressure more often and did so considerably more in the Penn State game. I came on here and gave him his props for adjusting. I’ve mostly given Odom a pass this year with the injuries. The Miss Stank game was just one where they dug in and stuck with the 3 man front come hell or high water. Even Clay said in an different tonight that when a team gives you that you hand it to the RB which is exactly what the Pirate did and what teams will do to us the rest of the season. In the absence of a strong nose guard, you just can’t keep doing it without showing something different, even occasionally. It also makes no sense to me why we would expect it to be reasonable for inexperienced DBs to be able to pick off balls and think that’s going to work. I absolutely concede if we had experience back there it makes more sense but we don’t. So why run a scheme that gives the other QB all time to throw or hand it to the RB for chunk yardage on nearly every play. I guess that’s an unpopular opinion around here. So be it.

Unlike some posters on here who want to get personal when someone disagrees, I’m pretty good about not doing that. Pike and I had a very reasonable back and forth last night. I didn’t hold the grudge for his name calling on Saturday. That’s not my style.

I’m not going after some coach personally or going after a player. Not my style.

I strongly disagree with some of the decisions that have been made. The majority of that thread last night was just Pike and I going back and forth. I took it all in fun. LD and I had a fun little exchange on Saturday.

And the only reason I’m posting this now is because you asked the question about why die on this hill. If and when we see improvement I’ll be the first to comment, just like I said the goal line play pass that Malik overthrew was a good call in that situation. Unfortunate we didn’t execute.

Edit addition: I will say someone like Hutch trotting out that total yardage and taking the position that fans are being unreasonable pissed me off. First, because a good reporter is going to be fair, balanced, and offer all the facts. He cherry picked them. Second, who pays his salary? Oh yes, the same fans do. That’s not a good look but in reading the internet today, it seems like it’s a pretty popular thing to do by many of them. But when you question them by saying something like “but I thought you wrote we’d be improved in this area”, then they say “well, we only get to see a little bit of practice.” I’m not taking a shot at all the media, but I am calling Hutch out for his crap.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This coaching staff is doing some of that and yes, it’s making me insane watching them.

Yes, I heard that. As a good leader, I would expect him to say nothing different publicly. One of the reasons I like CSP so much. He gets it. You praise in public and criticize in private. And he might have really agreed with it at the time but I bet he learned something from it. Maybe a year from now we’ll hear him say something like he said this year about panicking during the Auburn game last year. Who knows. I’ll still be a Hog fan then so we’ll see.

I made the point for those who seem to think Sam just let’s Odom and briles run amuck.

Sam knows he needs more horses and needs them quick.

We have got to get another tight end option besides Knox. Not sure what is going on with Hayden Henry. He could really help here.

I have thought we won a couple more than needed last year. I also believe that these young guys believed the hype about them a little too much, hence why some were pushing a little too hard and made mistakes vs the aggies.

Get to a bowl game and continue to recruit.

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Pike I think you meant Hudson not Hayden.

Hudson is not a surprise to me. Watched him a ton at PA. He was always split wide or played in the slot. He never played TE or had to block anyone. He was always a finesse guy. His game never translated to TE in college. That, plus many injuries, has defined his career.

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You are correct. I mixed up their names.

Yes he has had a hard time staying healthy and grasp te. Will gragg had same issues.

If you watch much pa ball what do you think of jaylin McKinley their sr receiver. I think just a bit slow for high d-1. Curious your thoughts.

Busby is a better qb that white in my opinion

McKinney has a lot of ability but is a tad slow for D1. I can see him being a good player for Henderson, Harding or even UCA.

Walker White has much more physical talent than Kel Busby. Busby is more the product of a “system”. Busby has been playing in the same offense since the 6th grade.

Thanks for assessment.

Just not sold on walker white yet but kid is big. Would make one heck of a tight end if the qb thing doesn’t work out.

I have always thought that if the end result was going to be a touchdown no matter what we did then I would rather give up a quick strike touchdown being aggressive,trying to make the quarterback uncomfortable in hopes that he would throw an interception or an incomplete pass. When you let the defense stay on the field four or five minutes at a time and still give up a touchdown that is deflating and also wears your defense out and it also lets their defense rest so when you get the ball they are going to be fired up ready to go.

I would rather be aggressive give up a quick touchdown then put our offense back on the field that is showing they can definitely move the ball and hopefully get a touchdown quickly on them or take what they give us and take four or five minutes off the clock and wear their defense out.

I have said numerous times I’m not a fan of the 3 man defensive front because I have blocked it several times and it’s just too easy to run the ball on it. There are just too many good blocking angles for you to ever be able to stop the run with only five in the box. We were not good against the run last year with a better nose guard in Ridgeway than we have now eventually they’re going to combo your good nose guard and work the linebacker but in our case we don’t have a good nose guard so basically they’re just what we always call Base blocking and firing off their guards at our linebackers and that’s 320 on 230 and that’s pretty much always going to be an easy block for the guard.

This is not a good defense no matter what we do but to sit there and let a team go all the way down the field and wear your defense out and then give up a touchdown to me is not the way to go. I know I always hated aggressive defenses because it presents problems for the OL and if that happens the quarterback’s going to be in trouble which I think is the main goal of the defense is to get the quarterback uncomfortable so you hopefully make him make some mistakes. LSU totally controlled Mississippi State by putting pressure on him and it worked, they don’t have the greatest secondary but it didn’t matter Because of QB didn’t have time to throw it. That is what I would like to see us try.

Going in I posted previously that if we won the toss I hoped we would take the offense first. As it turned out. We kick the ball out of bounds and Mississippi State is off and running. From what I saw of Fortin it probably wouldn’t have mattered. The inability to score two touchdowns down on the goal line and bungling away four interceptions kept it from being a competitive game.