D-Mac retires

Congrats on your career. WPS

Congrats to him on a lengthy career.

He is and will probably always be my favorite razorback. I’ve never seen someone who it meant more to, than D-Mac to wear the hog jersey.

I wonder if he’d be interested in being a RB coach on the Hill, that would be fine by me!

Congrats Darren, who I personally think should have his number retired by us. Forget the hogwash about not retiring a number. Hang it up!

One of the greatest Hogs ever… I have always wondered what our record would have been in '07 if he had QB’ed most of the time with Jones/Hillis running behind him. We will never have that much talent again in the same backfield.

How did we not win the NC with that talent…dang at least the SEC!

Thanks Dmac for your love of the Hogs. Head back to 501 and enjoy life.

And thanks for the thrills along the way.

On to the next chapter DMac. Thanks for the thrills & excitement you gave us Hog Fans.
We all know you got robbed of the Heisman, but you just went back to work as usual without blinking an eye.
Enjoy your retirement, you earned it.

An Icon of Arkansas Sports. A great Razorback. Please come back to LR and help deal with the youth crisis in the schools. People will listen to you.