D. johnson

Happy to see him getting some carries. He does not look anywhere near the Wt. advertised (247?). Looked to be about 220 to me. Am I the only one thinking that?

He hadn’t been 220 since HS probably.I thought he was about 235 but he moved well.We have 4 very good RB and it looks like we are going to rotate series with them.I wished we would have continued giving him the ball instead of trying to catch lightening in a bottle with Hornsby


I was thinking he did not get a carry until after the failed attempts with Hornsby, but I could be mistaken. Surely, going forward, Briles will use Hornsby in a more productive way.

I think he had 3 carries in the drive, for 12,8,7 yds.He will have to use Hornsby as a decoy some or it will tip off the defense that he’s going to get the ball.


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