D. Johnson

Getting curious-er and curious-er. Coach has said for 2+ weeks. “He looks ready”. I like DJ…I like him a lot, but I’m staring to wonder it he has lost confidence in his knee holding up, or if he is saving himself for a big game. He simply does not seem to be chomping at the bits to get back in there. True, I know NOTHING about his injury other than what Coach has said, and I am as far removed from personal contact as one can get. I’d feel much better if he was saying. “Coach, put me in!”

I don’t see it that way. They are not going to rush him back from a knee injury and the original prognosis was that he would not play before the Missouri State game.

The fact there was a chance for him to play against South Carolina leads me to think he’s a little ahead of speed in his recovery.


OK, I never saw that original prognosis.

Certainly seems like Johnson is ahead of schedule with recovery.

Coach has said on at least 2 occasions that Johnson’s return is now “up to him”. Whatever that exactly means.

I’ve long thought the time to begin working him back in is this week, against a defense that is not SEC caliber. He has looked good in the drills I’ve seen him in, and the knee brace is off. Sounds like progress. Pittman said Wednesday that if the way he moved in Tuesday’s practice was any indication then he’d play Saturday. But, again, it’s kind of up to him and how he feels.


Up to him is a reasonable approach. It’s hard to regain full confidence in a rehabilitated body part, and any lingering doubts can spell disaster. I wonder if college teams employee sports psychologists ever

I know that some do. IIRC, Bama does.

Hogs do.



Doc - I need to get back on the field.

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Yeah I saw on Hogs + interview with Cam Little that he meets with one once a week.

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