D.J. put on an absolute golf clinic

Wow! He was 30 under and won by 11 strokes at the Northern Trust. Got him to #1 in the Fed Ex Cup and # 1 in the World.

He was playing like this the year he won the U.S. Open. He can hit that baby fade about 330 yards with not that much effort. He wedged it and putted like Tiger Woods used to.

The other pros look at him and just wish they could do what he does. He should have won a few more majors than he has, but so should have Freddy Couples. I guess you could make that statement about a lot of great players.

One guy I thought should have won a lot more was John Daly.

I watched a lot the last 4 days. He hit every green today. He was about 15 shots better than the field tee to green. He used to be weak from 120 yards in. Not any more.

I totally get your point about saying he drives with ease. But I do not think he hits the ball at ease. He goes at it pretty firm. It looks like he’s swinging at ease but that’s massive club head speed. It’s a slash.

A power fade is the best shot in golf. He does generate great power.

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Yes, it’s a shame that he didn’t have his head on straight and basically wasted so much talent.

I wonder if JD thinks it’s a shame?

I don’t know that he’s wasting it now. He has won a lot more money (21 tournaments) than any here.

DJ has been a disappointment only in the majors. He has won a tournament on tour every year he has played. That is impressive, to say the least. He has as many victories as Phil Mickelson did at age 36, and that is really something.

The players say DJ has another 25-30 yards if he really needs it. He has a gear that he doesn’t use much. He is 6-4 and strong, but lean. He has the perfect golf body. Long levers which make the arc so wide the power is effortless.

The tour players today are so danged good that it is crazy. Shooting below 60 is going to become fairly common as far as the ball goes today and as great as these guys putt. I just can’t believe how far and how accurately these guys can hit their irons. I am impressed.

They play a game I’m not familiar with and that’s an understatement!

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