D has been incredible

The incredible amount of incredible unforced dumb stuff we do is incredible.

Got tempo up, jumpers galore, incredible incredible defense. Blow out.

The guys played with heart tonight. Hustled all the way. Lots of energy.

And Gafford…WOW!

My gosh, this team is frustrating but dang, they got it together tonight.

I have no idea how good we really are.

Agreed. But, we seemed to be trending in the right direction. love the defensive effort tonight. These next 3 games are beyond huge for our NCAA tournament chances. Need to win 2 out of the next 3. Ole Miss is really struggling right now, this is a road game we have to take advantage of.

The much-maligned defense played well tonight. Sure, Vandy couldn’t throw it in the ocean and that makes the defense look better, but they ran Vandy off some three looks and never let LaChance get too comfortable shooting. They had enough open three-pointers that they missed, but overall the defense did its job tonight.

Vandy has scored 81 points in its last four games.

This was more about the Arkansas defense tonight.

Yeah, they came out of the gates D’d up. Hard D’d up.

Even in the midst of tons of dumb stuff and poor shooting early, the never lost that rabid D. Stayed the course on D.
It was great to watch.

We could just as easily fallen behind big time in the first few minutes had Vandy been able to take advantage of our early errors. That slow start has doomed us several times this season, when we were forced to play catchup. The better team won tonight, no doubt in my mind. Just glad Vandy didn’t knock down five threes on those early turnovers.

It’s good to see some of our non-seniors getting playing time. We’re going to need that experience next year. I was watching an earlier game and they were talking about how, of the Top 5 teams right now, only one gets more than 10 percent of their points production from true Freshmen and that one only gets about 15 percent.

The improvements were obvious tonight. Kudos to MIke and the players for getting it together.

I think that getting our 2 freshman guys coming off the bench has been the key to the defensive intensity. Its definitely much better and it helps when we can keep Gafford out foul trouble–he is a big time rim protector.

This is a very astute observation. Gabe and Hall are very good defenders, rebounders, glue guys, and don’t drift down into the paint as much as Beard. Beard gets so deep that he leaves the perimeter WIDE OPEN. We out rebounded them by 43-37 so that helped our defense too.

Beard’s problem is being small with short arms. He has to get deep because of that to make any impact and can’t get back. Hall and Osabuohien have long arms and genuine length and they can play Mike’s system of guarding man and a half a lot better.

I don’t believe Mike has had a small guard like Beard. But he has to play him because he is the best third guard right now. They miss Khalil.

I really wish mike would limit beards time. He will double team after he’s drifted into the just because it’s easier rather than stay out on his guy, and subsequently give up the open three. No offense but he is the laziest defender we have. Drifting into the lane is worthless as he is the least beneficial as a rebounder. Just watch him closely in a game. Hall and for that matter cj play their role better.

The thing that really helped last night was having a definite plan to make LaChance earn all his points. They did a good job of staying on him, often with taller guys, and it seemed to upset Vandy’s offensive flow the whole night.

Hall is amazing. CJ looks much more comfortable in the zone with his quickness and long arms.