D’Eriq King


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We sure do hope so

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Probably will have to fight A and M for him.

King hasn’t left Cougar High yet.

King can name his destination, he has to guard against being the next Kelly Bryant who did not up his stock at Mizzou (see Jalen Hurts for doing it right). Not sure there will be big time portal talent looking hard at a still struggling and bottom of the SECW team to finish his last year. King is playing next level and needs help to make some draft money.

Kelly Bryant was doing quite nicely until he got hurt. Completed 62% of his passes for 15 TDs and 2215 yards for a team that wasn’t nearly as good as the one he left. He only threw 13 TDs in 100 more pass attempts in 2017 at Clemson.

If we had an OL he could play behind, I think there would be a realistic shot at him. As it is, I don’t think he comes. I know Pitt will get the OL right again, but I don’t think it will be this year.

Fair points. He was ultra successful with Briles and knows that system and that might outweigh the negatives. Arkansas has a talented group of young receivers, a really good RB with Boyd returning and a head coach who has a great reputation for recruiting and developing offensive linemen. For those reasons I like Arkansas’ chances. I would never thought that Boyd would come back so you never know. Additionally I cannot think of a good power five school in need of a QB especially a place where he could walk in and by already knowing the offense immediately be the man. It looks like a perfect fit to me except for the concerns over the line.

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The line in 2019 was quite a bit better than 2018 IMO


Briles’ first year as OC at Baylor (which was the year after his dad got run out of town) they gave up 32 sacks. Seems like he’s dealt with some offensive line issues before. But they still gained 522 ypg.

The line was better and you have to wonder what the impact of the new system will have on the OL. I know Pittman is not a miracle worker but Arkansas now has two elite offensive line coaches and that has to be an advantage. I also think that Pittman is in a better position tonight to sell the program than he was a few days ago.

I think Briles first year as OC was the year before Art was fired. I think he was also co coordinator the year before that with the guy who went to AState and is now at Boise. Briles stayed on as OC the year that Art was fired and had bowl win but Briles was Broyles Award finalist and Big 12 recruiter of the year before Art got fired.

Harsin was at Texas, not Baylor.

You’re correct. In 2015, with dad and son working together, they had 31 sacks but also 616 ypg. Seth Russell and Jarrett Stidham split time at QB.

I think that King stays put since he is a local kid with ties. KB sucked in the WY game and sort of set a negative impression that was improved by numbers but not big time winning moments. Much had to dod with being Derrick Dooley bound but he was not a saviior. Would have sucked big under us with Chud and OL. King will have choices like JH and is apparently wise to the ways and will dismiss us for the same reasons as KB did.

Oline will look very different next year, it may not be great but it will be improved. WPS

A&M has a King coming in, Haynes Kings QB 4*.

Haynes should have been a Hog.

I keep hearing that about Haynes King from some of our posters, but that’s not what he himself. They were at best fifth in his order by the end of June.

If it wasn’t Texas A&M, it would have been Aubun, Duke or Tennessee before Arkansas according to the kid himself.

As for the King of Houston, one would think he would look for a better situation than the current one here to play his contract year.

Kelly Bryant pulled the hamstring in August at Missouri and was never the same. He was never a great passer at Clemson. Never a great passer at Missouri. He ran straight up and took hits. There is a reason he was replaced at Clemson. I never was a fan of Bryant. I don’t think he was what some hoped for (at both Arkansas and Missouri).