D coaching or lack of D personnel continues in SEC?

Whatever it is it continues into a third decade apparently.,

To be honest, I don’t ever remember our D being this bad. We haven’t usually been a defensive powerhouse during my 47 years of watching the Hogs play, but I don’t recall anything this bad.

I watched the D for the first time this year without following the QB. Sure had a lot of players going the wrong way. Missed tackles or a brush up tackle. Not sure what the deal is. It’s like they relax knowing that the offense is going to keep coming through. Go figure.

I think it’s both, our guys just alligned the right way, and the run fits are very suspect…

It is frustrating to watch guys who have played a lot of football repeatedly run themselves out of plays. The MSU QB is a talent running the ball, if he ever gets any consistency throwing the ball the guy will be an All-American. But I have to think there is some coaching problem when guys who are plenty fast and big enough to play in the SEC never “get it” and play smart football.

Alll that being said, there is some young talent on that defense, and they are slowly stockpiling more talent recruiting class by recruiting class. I am just really skeptical that the overall defensive coaching is good enough going forward.

Both. It’s both. But with 9 returning starters and Agim, Ramsey and Capps in the mix, and plenty of experienced non-starters, there’s no excuse for this D to be historically bad.

That said, I’m going to enjoy the road SEC win and the historically good offense because they’re hard to come by no matter how good you are or who you are playing.

You are correct! The point is for us to have more points than them at the end of the game, and we did! Go Hogs!

Some credit has to go to MS State and their newfound offense. 2 weeks ago, A&M, with their vaunted 4-5 star defenders, gave up 38 points to MS St, and lost. A&M, with their all-world, $1.5 million DC, gave up 574 yards, including 365 rushing.

And, no, I’m not defending Smith and our dreadful defense these last 2 years (especially this year), as I’m probably ready to replace him. It’s just that sometimes you’ve got to give your opponents kudos, especially when you win.

This defense reminds me of the Hog’s defense in their last season in the SWC. This team overall is better ,but this defense is reminiscent of that defense. I think that was the 1991 season. SWC teams were destroying the Hog’s defense. That season the Hog’s even lost to Rice in Little Rock.


Great posts.

I too am thrilled with the sec road win.

They are precious and hard to come by.

Love the aggressive offense and hope we can continue that hunger two games in a row which has been a challenge this year.

9 wins this year continues nice program progress and we all are hopeful.

I see some on other threads say just enjoy the win and don’t worry for D.

Can’t quite do that.

Program goal is to win titles and we all know it’s a process.

D seems to be more erratic if not suspect most of year and more than not since joining SEC.
Smith has done well when he apparently had more players so I can’t help but wonder if that’s a big part of situation this year.

Easy to blame a coach and I don’t know enough to know whether a great coach can overcome inadequate talent - or If that is the case.

I’ve posted before that our program Achilles heal since joining sec is lack of demonstrated recruiting against the elite teams we are trying to beat for titles.

Certainly development is a part of that and I like the way these coaches are trying to overcome and I’m hopeful the Administration is providing plan and resources beyond the other schools with built in advantages.

I can’t help but wonder if Smith had more talent if we would be singing his praises like we were a few years ago.

Image the offense we brought to Starkville together with a league leading D.

They would call us SEC champs and playoff national title contender.

I am no expert on the Xs and Os of football but, the thing that stands out to me is that our defense does not seem to have any sense of urgency or intensity, as a group. They lack field generals that get the players ready for the snap. Many times when the ball is snapped, there are several players not even looking at the center. They lose two steps right off the bat.

I cannot imagine not seeing changes on the defensive staff. Leave Rhodes alone. Or even elevate him to DC. I’d love to see Partridge back on board if he loses his job as a HC. Ed O will have every school in the country offering him. That would be a super coup if we brought him on. Highly doubtful. But CBB does swing for the fence.

Strong would be a dream hire. I have always loved his defenses. And he’s a good man. Just a bad fit at Texass. And he is from Arkansas. Batesville. He’s a UCA Bear.

Just saying…

Maestro, good stuff. I certainly think Bielema will make defensive coaching changes at season’s end. Maybe even clean house, with the exception of Rhodes as you suggest. But I’m not sure that coaching changes will bring us the results we all want.

An exaggeration obviously, but I’m not sure than bringing in Saban as DC would help this group enough to make much difference in the on field results.

We have to have better players at every position IMO. We have a four year starter that looks as lost as the freshmen players a high percentage of the time. He’s not the only one either. We have people that either have no clue how to tackle or don’t want too, lack SEC speed and talent, etc., etc.

Some of the problems on defense may be due to poor game plans, as everyone seems to think, but I still say that the pieces on the field are where most of our problems lie. RECRUITING, RECRUITING, RECRUITING, that’s what we have to improve.

Bielema, obviously as with all head coaches, is charged with signing the players that take official visits.

Coach O likely would not come because the has stated recently that Arkansas suffers because it cannot bring in elite recruits in sufficient numbers. Don’t recall that he supported the statement with facts or opinions. Although there may not be a better fit available for him now. Lot of family in this state/Fayetteville and relatively close to his south Louisiana home.

Strong on the other hand, will probably take time off and subsist on the Texas teat for a while. He’ll probably not have to take an assistants job when he is ready to coach again.