D Bowman has landed at Temple University

That’s quite a change for him, I would say.

Marshall to Arkansas was a big change, too. He has spent the majority of his career coaching out of the spotlight. He might like it that way.


Matt any thoughts on who we might be looking at for his replacement?

We already have him. Woodson came from Florida State.

We still have one position open. It will be interesting to see what he coaches.

Wasn’t he an Odom guy? I kind of thought he might be heading to UNLV when I heard the rumblings of him being gone. Not sure if Odom just didn’t have any interest after 1 year with him but kind of telling if so.

Bowman is a good coach and a very good recruiter I hate that he was put in a situation this year where nobody would have put up any kind of decent numbers.
I wish him the very best,he’s a very good young coach

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