CWS umpires

This is like a greatest hits list of the umpires in some of Arkansas’ memorable (and infamous) games.

For those unfamiliar with the umpires outside of Costello, here is a refresher on some of the games they were behind the plate:

• Armendariz was the home plate umpire for the 2017 regional game against Missouri State in the rain. He called for the tarp sometime just before 3 a.m. and was essentially talked out of it by Dave Van Horn.

• Henrichs has been involved in a couple of memorable games in Omaha. He was behind the plate for Game 2 of the Oregon State championship series and for the 2009 12-inning game against Virginia.

• Morris was the umpire for the second game of the 2018 super regional against South Carolina. That is the game when Bobby Smittle stared him down for several minutes on ESPN.

• Joe Burleson was the umpire for Game 3 of the championship series against Oregon State. He ejected Zach Barr, Arkansas’ video director, for telling him his strike zone was terrible.

• Everyone remembers Costello for the 2012 semifinal game against South Carolina, but I also remember Game 1 of the Arizona State super regional in Tempe when he called Arkansas for interfering with the catcher a couple of times when it didn’t appear that was the case. It killed some run-scoring opportunities.

It’s a shame this is the best umpires they can come with to call the games.

If they were great, they would not be doing college. They’d be doing MLB.

I was surprised Costello didn’t eject Kjerstad for pushing the Texass 1B off the bag.

Clay, if you covered a MLB team, you wouldn’t like those umpires either.

I am sure that’s correct.

That’s how we got Buckminster last weekend, MLB tossed him out. Imagine, they continue to let Angel Hernandez ump in the bigs, and they canned you, could it be any worse?

Any idea what the selection process is? I wonder how someone as controversial as Perry Costello gets selected for the CWS virtually every year.

That is a really good question, @LoudLoyd, and I’ve never been able to understand.

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This…I remember both of those, but you’re right…most will mention the 2012 game against S. Carolina if Costello’s name comes up. That was bad enough on it’s own, but the ASU game was beyond the pale as well. Absolutely one-sided and distorted calls that definitely impacted the game, in both cases.

I’d say the calls at ASU were worse and more impactful than the strike zone against South Carolina in the CWS. Both circumstances were inexcusably bad. I’m not one to blame the officials/umps for losses, but those two instances came as close any I’ve ever seen in baseball at any level.

Can’t believe Perry Costello gets to call important games, given the number of times he’s choked …

It’s the ASU game I recall where the calls were just blatantly awful. Those batter interference calls were disgusting. One was bad. But to repeat it.

Could be worse it could be Joe West or Angel Hernandez!

Oh no. Costello is way worse than Cowboy Joe.

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Angel Hernandez is on a par with Perry Costello.

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