CWS Tickets

went on sale this morning. There weren’t any good seats available, but we went ahead and bought tickets for ALL games (gulp). Plan to sell any we don’t use. Must win for the Hogs tonight!

Could be good timing for you if you are going to the game tonight. Should NE luck out and somehow win, you’ll have a ready made giddy bunch of Cornhusker fans ready to pay you double for those tickets. Let’s hope with everything we’ve got though, that the “opportunity” doesn’t present itself!

I bought tickets to the first 4 games as those are always the hardest to get. And because I wasn’t paying attention, I also ended up with 1 to game 1 of the finals. I’m in the upper deck, but I’m in the stadium.

I like the Ticketmaster purchase process (once I figured it out). It was neat, clean, and easier than the previous one.

The process was easy; however, I wish we could have started a cart and bought all of them at one time.

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I might have to sell them at triple the cost if they went to a Cornhusker fan.


I’ll be rooting for NC State if we don’t advance. Definite question of where the super would be held in that case since neither school was on that list of 20 sites. Maybe in Greenville which is 100 miles or so from NCSU? ECU will be playing the super at Vandy.

We want to start selling the tickets we bought for the bracket the Hogs are NOT in. It appears that the Hogs are in Bracket 1. Is that true?

Any pointers for selling the tickets we don’t need?

We’re guessing. In 2018 the top seeded team was in Bracket 2; that was Florida. In 2019 Vandy was the 2 seed (the 1 seed, UCLA, lost in the super) and was also in Bracket 2. The way they distributed the supers on the schedule this week, with all four supers on our side of the bracket starting tomorrow, makes you think that we’ll start on Saturday. But nobody knows yet.

Thank you SwineFusion. We won’t put them up for sale yet.

We put our tickets up for sale yesterday on Ticket Master. We had tickets for all games in both brackets. If you know of anyone looking for tickets, please let me know.

I put my tickets up for sale on Ticketmaster. I have sold 2 of my 5. My problem is that I only have a single ticket to each game.

And, by the way, NC State is in Bracket 1 playing the first game on Saturday. Vandy, the highest seed in that bracket, is in the late game. Texass and Moo U are in the late game Sunday (there’s two fan bases just crying out for a selective meteor strike). I guess you could contact fans of the schools involved in each particular game somehow to offer those tickets.

That one’s easy, Hail State. Now if it were the team from Oxford … but OMAHA.


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