CWS Tickets for sale

We need to sell all our tickets for the CWS. We have tickets to all games, both brackets. Most of bracket 1 tickets are in the outfield grandstand and most of bracket 2 tickets are in section 102. Let me know if you know anyone interested in buying tickets.

If you haven’t done it already, reach out to those fan bases who will be there.

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Put them on Ticketmaster at a reasonable price. I bet you’ll sell them easily.

We have them on Ticketmaster at what we thought were reasonable prices (at or near face value+the fees). Right now, ticket prices are all over the place for verified resale tickets. We’ll keep watching them and edit the prices as necessary. We knew we’d have to sell one bracket when we bought them, but didn’t dream we would be selling all of them!

I sold 3 of my 5 tickets. I only asked face value, so I’m taking a small loss. I feel good to get anything for them.

We have already lowered the price on a couple of games. Ticket Master has lowered the grandstand seats by $10 (from $18 to $8) on some of the games. The demand for some games is low. I hope we can break even or come close to even. We are asking face value + the fees we paid (which are significant) on most of the tickets. We knew it was a gamble to purchase tickets in both brackets, but sure didn’t expect to need to sell both brackets. I am glad you have been able to sell most of your tickets. I hope you will be able to sell the other 2 soon.

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Still trying to sell tickets to games 3, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, Finals 1 & 2. Unfortunately, selling most below face value + fees.

I was surprised to get an email this morning from the CWS that showed tickets still for sale to (I think) all the games. I clicked on the first game, just to see what was available, and there were tickets all over the ballpark. Anyone who watched the first game today could see all the empty seats.

I know the Omaha businesses must be wishing Arkansas had been there. I doubt there would have been any tickets left if Hog fans were in town.

It will be interesting to see the attendance at the other games. I know MSU will have plenty of fans. Texas should as well. I’m curious about Tennessee to see if their fan excitement translates to travel to Omaha.

I do feel for Hog fans who purchased tickets and must now try to unload them.

I got the same email this morning and just shook my head when I read that LIMITED tickets were available. We’ve been watching availability closely the last few days and there has been plenty of availability for most games. You can find verified resale tickets as well as Ticket Masters tickets that haven’t sold in most sections. I will be pleasantly surprised if we make 1/2 our money back. I know the merchants wish the Hog fans were in town.

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