CWS Ticket Help, Please.

So, this late in the game, what’s the best way to obtain tickets should one decide to make the trip (on a last minute whim)? I haven’t been since 1989 (beat North Carolina that day); I recall it being fairly easy back then. Certainly times have changed. Any advice/experiences appreciated. (I donate to the RF; but only for FB). Thanks in advance.

I’m in the same boat you’re in. FB contributor, never been to Omaha. Would like to go & might be able to, but it’ll be a last minute decision.

You can buy tickets on the official ticket exchange: 2019 Division I Baseball Championship. If you are willing to sit in the upper deck, you can find reasonable tickets. If you want to sit in the lower level, you will have to pay more. I’ve been in both. I won’t pay for the lower level again. I just want to be in the building.

There are other ways to get in. There is the Omaha version of the Hog Pen, that line can be long. You can get tickets for GA at many places around Omaha. I remember that you could get them for free in some groceries. But to use those tickets, you must be on line. There is a limit as to how many are allowed into the GA sections.

Thanks Marty!

Cheapest price I see right now at the ticket site for Saturday is $89 in the third deck (section 301). It started out at $45 about two hours ago.

I did the general admission line for the bleachers for the popfly game last year. I worried that I was so far back that I wouldn’t get in, but it wasn’t an issue. But that three hours under a cloudless sky roasted me. I wasn’t nearly as vigorous calling the Hogs as I should have been (dehydration will do that).

It’s not a bad idea to wait for the second game, which will be Monday. Buy your tickets Saturday night as soon as you know when we’ll be playing (night if we win, afternoon if we lose). Today you could have started ordering tickets about the third inning if we’d known a game time. You can probably get in cheaper too. I just looked up prices for the Monday night game. They start at $35 in the third level and $67.50 downstairs.

Also, once teams start getting eliminated Monday afternoon, you can pick up tickets from their fans as they get ready to leave town. Lurk outside the ballpark around 4 p.m. Monday…

My son and I went in 2012 with no tickets in hand.

Someone on the board allowed me to buy two for the first night, then we just picked up tickets while we were there, either on the NCAA CWS site or just went to the box office the day of.

It worked out perfectly. We didn’t stay until the end, so it could get harder as you keep progressing.

Great experience though! We will probably head up if we make it to the finals.

Someone posted that the interstate between KC & Omaha is closed due to flood damage. Anyone know the skinny on that?

Never mind. I just checked. Apparently it’s open now

No it is still closed and will be for a while. Get today’s Democrat. Big article on shutdown and gives different routes. Very informative.

I-29 is closed in northwest Missouri and southwest Iowa, and is not expected to be open for some time. There is still water over the road. That is per the Departments of Transportation in Iowa and Missouri. … drivers-h/

Last year those GA tickets were available at the Sam’s Club in Council Bluffs, Iowa, just across the river from the ballpark.

Last year the GA ticket books were available at Hy-Vee, Baker’s and Family Fare supermarkets in the Omaha area.