CWS pitching rotation

So, what’s our pitching rotation look like IF we get to the CWS. Do we use Loseke/Reindl as long relievers or as two-inning closers. Who will be the fourth game starter? Lot of variables here, but I’m getting anxious thinking about the 2009(?) trip when Keuchel coming in as a closer. Surely we have the depth to avoid something like that

I know what Dave Van Horn would say: We’ll do whatever we have to do to win the game before it and then figure it out from there.

There are too many variables to say who would pitch in that scenario. How many innings do the starters ahead of that game go? If it’s a situation like this past weekend against Texas A&M, the bullpen would be in good shape. The starters pitched a combined 19 1/3 innings this week.

What does the other starting lineup look like? Are they mostly right-handers, left-handers, good fastball hitters, struggle with the change-up, etc.? That will also dictate what pitcher throws a lot of times.

I do think this team has a deeper bullpen than the one you referenced in 2009.

It’s still just a little early to start thinking about the rotation for Omaha! Finish the Georgia series, play the SEC tournament, win a regional and survive a super regional.
The pitching rotation as games are played will work out. It hasn’t been all that long we were all wondering on a Sunday who would start! Campbell has answered the call with 2 good starts. The Texas Tech performance by Loeske was an eye opener and he’s been solid! Rheindl has been good as well! Cronin has help on the back end!
For a 4th starter that’s on coach to figure out. He’s pretty good and has a great pitching coach. Wes Johnson has bellpen with the whole staff. He sees them and knows the pitchers.
The first thought that comes to mind is can Rutledge find the control again and will the coaches trust him. Scroggins can he have enough control on a strike out for a catcher to record the out. The list goes on. There are several pitchers that have the talent to go out and perform.
My hope is for Knight, Murphy and Campbell to be steady and the hogs win with them on the mound. In a 4th starter situation in may be a pitching staff all hands on deck situation.

As long as you stay out of the losers bracket you don’t need a fourth starter.

In fact, if you keep winning you can get by with two starters, but that’s assuming everything goes right