CWS - Not to get ahead of ourselves, but

…if I’m reading this bracket correctly, should we advance to Omaha, we’ll play our first game against the team that advances from Lubbock (Tech?). Also in our side of the Omaha bracket will be the winner of the Austin Super (Texas?).

That would be a tasty grouping.

Not correct, Wiz. Texas is the 2 seed to our 1 and is in the other bracket with Tennessee, Moo U and whoever comes out of the Columbia super. We get Vandy, Arizona and Tech if the form holds.

Everybody on the left side of that page you linked is in our bracket; everyone on the right side is the other bracket. So our side could be three SEC teams and TTech.

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You are correct…the chart is read down each side.

We do get Tech first (IF we get there, and them too)…but we’d have to wait to see if the Horns made it to the finals.

Wouldn’t that be a match-up for the ages!

It’d be cool. Another series with Tennessee would also be cool. But they’re not going to be facing Wiggy in the bottom of the 9th this time.

I’d prefer to NOT face them in Omaha…it’s very hard to beat a good team 3 straight times. We won the series in Knoxville…handled them again in the Finals in Hoover…I’d just as soon let that stand as our body of work against them this season.

Plus…they’ve seen Kopps a lot now…not saying he wouldn’t be effective against them…perhaps just not AS effective as he would be against any team that has not already hit against him.

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Y’all do know that the bracket link is pinned atop this board.

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You do know who you’re dealing with here, don’t you, Marty? Of course they don’t :rofl:


BTW Marty, thanks for pining that up. It’s been very helpful to me figuring things out this week. Kudo’s as always.

Looks like there is a possibility of four SEC teams making it to the final four.

Five to Omaha, four to the final four. There are six SEC teams in the supers, and two of them are playing each other (EOE and Corndogs). Hogs, Vandy, Rebnecks and Moo U could also advance. OM would have to win a super on the road (and overcome their Ole Miss At Home Again history) but five is conceivable. And one is guaranteed. Could be us, Vandy, EOE and Moo U playing for the championship spots.

SEC Tournament Second Edition. ESPN would think the world was about to end.

Hopefully, ESPN will televise a couple of our games as we advance…

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Our friends (spit) at ESPN will have no choice by this weekend…

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Yea ESPN may be forced to televised AR games. But won’t be forced to not talk about Vandy & Tenn continuously during those games.

I refuse to look at anything like that until after this weekend. The way NC State hits and with our Box of Chocolates pitching, I wonder if the scoreboard has numbers big enough. Kopps can only pitch so much. Can’t throw 90 pitches 3 days in a row. The rest of the staff is going to at least need to reach Legion quality for more than one inning. As Mr. Gibson says, the game is 9 innings so I go out to pitch 9 innings. That is the mindset these guys need to have. Right now we have only one with it.

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Right now it seems like DVH only trusts Wick and Costeiu and KK. And Lockhart a little. I really hope Monke and Tole can eat up a few innings this weekend. I feel much better with KK coming in for the seventh than the third, even though he did the job Monday night.

DVH has a quick hook, and part of that is KK and part of that is the number of arms we have. Run one in, if he puts a couple of people on base, go get somebody else. You’re not going to get much chance to work through a rough patch.

Darn, Colorado, you are being kind of condescending aren’t you?

Yes, NC State hits well, but they aren’t exactly the only good hitting team we’ve seen.

How’d we win so many games?


Pitchers: Righties- Wiggins, Noland, Costeiu, Ramage, Bolden. Lefties- Wicklander, Lockhart, Monke, Tole, Morris. And, of course, Kopps. That’s a decent bullpen.
I left off Vermillion since I doubt he will be ready.

If we win Friday, I could see DVH bringing Kopps in pretty early on Saturday to try to avoid having to play at all on Sunday.