CWS in mid-July? Panel suggests moving College Baseball Calendar back a bit

Could be starting the season in March, and finishing with the CWS in mid-July if these recommendations are adopted.

Makes sense to me. Marty could skip the Nanook of First Base outfits. And baseball wouldn’t bump into basketball for half the season.

Sounds good to me! You eliminate two weeks of bitter cold weather in the process…

… or at least limit them. There are still some cold days in March and April, but not as many as February and early March (and not usually quite as cold.)

There could be some really hot days in Omaha with that schedule.

I can’t imagine any day in Omaha, or anywhere else, being hotter than Game 2 of the championship series in '18. Of course I was standing in line for three hours that afternoon to get in too.

The first game we played that year against the tea sippers was darned hot AND it was in the daytime.

I have been calling for this for years. It never made sense to play baseball in February, maybe in Arizona, California or Florida, but no where else!

As noted by Clay a few years ago, the issue is expenses for players once the school semester is over. If you are on 1/3 scholarship, school is out, how does that work?

Same way it works now when school is out in mid-May and the season goes until late June.

Would the MLB Draft be later?

How does that work? I have no clue. Does the school pick up the living cost of the players? The players pick up the cost???

Clay just said, the last time this was discussed, that that was an issue. It MIGHT have been that it was an issue for the schools (cost) not the players. Can’t remember!!!

Schools have to cover the per firm cost for meals and housing. Otherwise you wouldn’t have players playing. They aren’t going to eat that cost, the schools have to cover that.

I like the prospect of this. Baseball just doesn’t need to start in February. We all know it’s a warm weather sport. It’s cold enough often enough in March & April in Fayetteville.


Did anybody notice there were no SEC coaches on the committee that made the recommendation?

I like the idea, but it could damage the south’s recruiting advantage of signing northern players.

I’d love to hear DVH’s thoughts.

Good point. I suppose it might make some northern players less prone to head south, but it seems to me the strength of SEC baseball and the warmer climate even in March shouldn’t hurt it too bad. It might help us in comparison to some of our more southerly SEC teams.

However, like you, I’d like to hear what DVH has to say

This would greatly benefit the Big Ten, they have the resources to be good in baseball, the fan bases also, just always been such a cold start to their season.

Article mentions OM’s Bianco as being part of the discussion and Corbin at Vandy was also in on it I think.

I like this idea a lot. It would also create better weather conditions for the postseason, notably for the CWS. June in Omaha is like May in Fayetteville. A CWS in July would probably include a lot fewer interruptions.

Do you know how DVH or HY feel about this?

I do not know Yurachek’s or Van Horn’s thoughts on the proposal.

I f you can find out from either I would appreciate it.