CWS & I love Baseball. Not the majors, except

the Cardinals. And only down to about the end of the season.

I am so proud of this Team. IMO it’s the best combination of guys to wear a uniform for Arkansas. When somebody is hot then usually somebody has a bad night.

It’s almost crazy.

YOU play in a Regional. Double elimination, that takes several days.

Then you have a Super Regional and it’s 2 out of 3.

So you win that Super regional and it’s off the the CWS. Mercy I’m worn out just typing this.

Then inside the CWS you actually have 2 different (regional tournaments) SO we win that and now we move on to the NC. (The Frosting on the Cake)

That other team has lost 11 games. I don’t care if it’s the Sisters of Saint Mary’s, they were D-1 players.

WE were Out of 3 or 4 games. Maybe a few more but I’m not taking the time to check it out. I actually think we win it.

WE need all hands on deck. And I don’t want to read any negative post. This team I bet had the BEST showing of any team this year. It’s been a year to remember!
To bad they don’t get to come to Baum and see what College Baseball is all about.

Hope we’re 100% and ready to bring that trophy home.

Anybody see any baseball guys talk about us??

Any thoughts, feelings anyone would like to share?

The feeling I have is that this is the deepest, most talented team the Hogs have had in baseball. They were built for this kind of run. They’ve actually had plenty of rest during the process. They’ve lost only twice in postseason and neither game was something that put them in a loser’s bracket to tax the pitching.

I love baseball.

My favorite sport from T-ball to MLB.