CWS Finals TV number way down

Some interesting thoughts here.

Why is Amerian Ninja Warrior listed as a sporting event?

wild guess…people don’t want to watch another "allSEC"final in another sport(so no interest in other parts of the country);some may feel that Vandy reached the finals unfairly;the Euros are under way for the soccer fans;and the novelity of LeBron James not being in the NBA playoffs has more people tuned into those games…just my opinion…i flipped back and forth between the Yankees/Angels game and Omaha last night and will do so again tonight

It doesn’t help that both schools don’t have large fanbase markets.

There were a lot of things working against Game 1, including the weather delay that pushed the start of the game into ESPN’s NBA window and Vandy’s big first inning that made the game uncompetitive.

The CWS finals typically do not have live sports competition aside from MLB and have long been shown on ESPN, but were relegated to ESPN2 because of the delayed NBA playoffs. ESPN2 never draws as well as ESPN.

A blowout in the first inning made it unattractive, too.

The MSU dogs got a bit of revenge tonight in an old fashion stomping. Next we have the trophy game.

Because it’s an athletic competition.

NHL is crying over numbers even with the freaking Habs playing, no major markets. However, in Canada it is killer television. SAME competition to fend off and try to win viewers tonight. Im watching hockey for sure and certain since I would have competing interests equally waited in the CWS.

Saw a few minutes ago that Game 2 ratings rebounded to about 1.4 million viewers. I’m a little surprised it was that high since game time was again delayed considerably.

Last night’s game was on ESPN because the NBA playoff game was on TNT.

It makes a world of difference, from a ratings perspective, having a game on ESPN vs. ESPN2.

Back on ESPN2 tonight and ratings will likely reflect that.

And that the CWS championship is between adjacent regional teams from the same conference.

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