CWS Finals Eve: Thoughts

In the morning, I’ll be heading to Omaha from NWA. I don’t have a ticket (and I need only one), but I’m going with the anticipation of finding one. I’ve been there before, the last two times the Hogs made it. I saw one game each time but plan to stay this week until it’s over.

I’m filled with a mixture of excitement and nervousness, probably the same as many of the rest of you. I’m hoping that whatever unfolds this week, we can enjoy the stage we’re on. Our team has been one of the favorites this year from the start (baseball writer Kendall Rogers picked us to win the national title back in January), and while we’ve had some ups and downs, we’ve persevered and made it this far. If we win it this week, I hope we do so wit a measure of humbleness. If we lose, I hope we can appreciate the exciting run that got us here. Win or lose, what we do this week can go a long way toward building our future.

The stage is set, and I know that calling the Hogs with thousands of other fans in Omaha is going to be really sweet. Go Hogs!

I understand FB and Basketball.

What I have forgotten is the grind and you’re talking to a guy who has coached Baseball and built a park with Baseball field in them, for churches and the Boys Club.

Played BB and it seems like forever just to get to the finals.

I hope for a clean well played series and the umps stay hidden. I love my hogs. It’s going to be the closest we are going to be for NC in a long time and if by chance we lose it maybe another long wait.

I hope the phones are ringing from recruits around the country for DVH. It’s also contract time. Dave deserves what he gets.

I HOPE OSU gets our A game and we should be OK. If we lose we lose.

I think we can win it and I want that team to know they have been in a battle!! WPS

Best team IMO I’ve ever seen us and sure fun to watch!!

NEVER, I mean Never give up!! WPS