CWS brackets

It looks like we would be in bracket 1 if we get to Omaha but I am not sure. That would be the Saturday
and Monday games. Will we play game one or game two on Saturday?
Does anyone know or when will we know?
I have rooms reserved for the first weekend but do not have tickets yet.
Thanks to anyone who knows more about the brackets and the schedule.

We think we’re in Bracket 1 but not sure. And we won’t know which game probably until Sunday night.

I’m not sure, either. Keep tempting fate.

Okay, Adam, we think the winner of the Fayetteville Super is in Bracket 1. Happy now?

The assumption of everyone in Arkansas’ program is the Razorbacks’ first game in Omaha would be Saturday.

I was saying I wasn’t sure Arkansas will make the CWS because they keep tempting fate—not that you were tempting fate. Mercy.

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