CWS bracketology, post-Mothers Day edition

Two weeks before the field is announced.

National seeds:
Wake Forest
South Carolina

Regional hosts:
Coastal Carolina
West Virginia
Boston College
Indiana State
Dallas Baptist

Bama is 11th in RPI but I just can’t see them hosting with 17+ losses. Maybe I’m wrong. Then again, Clemson has 17 losses too. So does Coastal. In that case, drop out DBU.

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I just wonder if they would really give 6 of the 8 National Seeds to one conference. I don’t believe that has ever been done before, though I have not researched it.

I’m not criticizing your metrics or logic in assigning the eight most deserving teams (without regard to conference affiliation). I just think that the human/political “let’s balance this across the country” factor may kick in, at least in one or two cases.

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Not much balancing available. Nobody in the Big Ten is worth a darn. The P-12 is pretty weak; Stanford is the only team in the top 25 RPI. The Big 12 is pretty weak too; WVU is running away with it, Texas Tech is bubblicious, Okie Lite and Texass are outside the top 20 RPI, TCU absolutely stinks. UConn took a big nose dive in RPI this week, going from 16 to 25 despite winning a home series against Butler (which stinks).

Like college football, there are two pre-eminent conferences this year in baseball. It’s just the other one is the ACC this year.

This could be a year where Omaha could be filled with SEC teams. 6 of the 8 from 1 conference. Has that ever happened! I don’t see LSU making out of regionals! I just wonder what would happen if LSU drops 2 games at Georgia this weekend. That would be 3 series losses in 3 straight weeks. Similar to what our hogs did last year. But LSU would have a higher RPI than our hogs had last year.

If LSU doesn’t get their bullpen fixed they’ll have to outslug the other teams. Which they certainly have the bats to do, yesterday notwithstanding. But I agree they are very shaky. And if they lose the series at Georgia they might lose that national seed.

So far the record is four teams from one conference in Omaha. It’s happened six times; five of them were SEC teams.

Is Vandy close to that spot if the Hogs take 2 this weekend. Should they drop out of the top 8

Johnson may start getting his seat warmed up if they don’t host.

I think if we sweep them they could very well drop out of the top 8. If we win two, probably not.

2022 was one of those years with four SEC teams. I just looked up the Wiki page for that tournament, which includes the umpires for each game. Know who wasn’t there? Perry Costello!

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Yes I think so! But starting next year let’s hope track man and the electronic strike zone takes the Perr effect out of the game

Swine how many SEC teams do you think make it to Omaha?

I could see six, really. If any of those fall outside the top 8, they could absolutely come through and win a super on the road like we did last year. LSU is the most wobbly of the bunch. But a non-host like Alabama could also get hot and get to Omaha, again like we did last year.

Bama or Auburn could win on the road like we did last year. Auburn has it figured out right now.
I hope we don’t see the Gators.