Curry kills us

Hit two bombs in one game last year. And two more this weekend

I was really surprised to see Evan Lee left in for that situation because he doesn’t pitch right-handers that well. I muttered out loud, “Lee better be careful right here.” Then, boom.

He got a meat ball blue light special from Lee. To top it off Lee wasn’t effective his last time out. Tough decision to send him to the mound.

He’s just a tough hitter incredibly strong anything on the inner half of the plate up he’s going to mash it

DVH is a great coach and ihe has built a great program but his handling of the bullpen in the middle innings this weekend was odd to me and I said it before the home runs.

You could feel them coming. But, ultimately we should have found a way to win. The umps left a lot to be desired. The Kjerstad at bat yesterday swung that game and the Shaddy one today did, too. That strike 2 to Shaddy today was Perry Costello level bad and it changed that whole af bat.

But, it happens so we have to work around it.

It was a horrible call. I’ve decided SEC umps are just way short of MLB umpires. I don’t think the gap between the NFL & P5 referees is as wide. I tend to think bad calls tend to even out, but strike zones need to be consistent & no pitch should be obviously one but called another.

There were 2 strike zones in yesterday’s game and today’s. Both sorry and unpredictable. It doesn’t help to swing at balls up and down and in.
The 2 strikes called on Shaddy are nothing compared to a 3-1 pitch that was called a strike on a Bama batter in the Ole Miss game. In all sports the SEC has poor officials. That ball hit down the left field line last night is a prime example. On top of it add the poor camera angels Georgia can provide for replay. The balk on Loeske last night was sorry as well! The catcher in game 1 or 2 that was set up in the basepath to catch the ball and it was reviewed and the out upheld showed how poor they all are. That rule is there to keep catchers out of the basepath. Period end of story.
The hogs didn’t make the plays to win. And the pitchers used in relief Scroggins and Lee didn’t get the job done. Both times the next pitcher shut them down. I hope we don’t have the same problem in Hoover or any games moving forward.