Current SEC road record: 5-2

The old can’t-win-outside-BWA narrative is officially dead and buried.

Yeah, but it’s those three losses at BWA that had people complaining.

Egbunu is out for the season with an ACL. Tough break. That should help at UF, though.

Arkansas is assured a winning SEC road record for the second time in three seasons. The Razorbacks were 6-3 in SEC road games in 2014-15.

Prior to that season Arkansas had not recorded a winning SEC road record since 1994-95 when it was 5-3.

And the road loss at Okie State.

Matt do you think we get the “w” at Florida?

I’m not Matt, but I’ll take a crack. Florida is better than we are, and they’re playing at home. That’s tough to overcome. Of course it could be argued that that’s exactly what happened last night. Florida also has the injury to their big. This could open the way for Moses to have a big night in the paint; or UF might play zone to cover up that absence and leave Dusty and Macon open, so it could be an equalizing factor either way.

RPI Forecast says we have about a 12% chance of beating Florida. I doubt that takes their injury into account, but it’s not much higher than that. Of course our chance of winning last night was 23%.

I saw that on RPI .com and now the percentages of us winning all of our remaining games has gone up we are actually favored in all but Florida. I just think we have a good shot because they come off playing Kentucky and also the big man is out. It would really help. Recruiting will improve when we make the dance and make a run. These next few classes could put us back on the map for deep runs.
So you think we will get another big man in next years class?

Now it’s time to improve home record of 3-3, starting Saturday.

6-3 at home and 6-3 on the road would be enough. If you add one or two Neutral sites to that I think we are in.

Two teams:

Team A:

Neutral record 2-1, road record 3-5, Conference record 7-6, Last 12 6-6, vs Top 50 RPI 2-5

Team B:

Neutral record 2-0, road record 5-4, Conference record 8-5, Last 12 7-5, vs Top 50 RPI 3-4

Both teams are separated by 1 in the RPI, and have an almost identical record. Who do y’all think should be in?

Team B. Because road record ore than anything else.

Team B