Current RPI per Warren Nolan

Before yesterday’s game, we were 15th and OM was 12th. Now we’re 12th and Ole Miss is 14th. We’ve climbed 29 spots since the tournament started. Amazing what happens when you play good teams and beat them (we’re 8-2 in the tournament, with four of those wins on the opponents’ home field).

OU is 3rd,and A&M is 7th, by the way. But A&M is having its barbecue today.

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And let me guess, we are still behind LSU :laughing:


No but Texass is one spot ahead of us. :grimacing: But that’s ok, we’ll pop in front of them tonight around 7 pm. :blush:

If we break into the Top 10, this Hog’s team might do really well in the CWS…


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