Current RPI is 28

Up from 34 this morning. RPIwizard says a split next week gets us to 27th. Two losses is 35. Two wins is 20. Given our NC schedule and the Quadrant 1 wins, the lock just clicked shut.

What is your thought on the seed line for the hogs?

A lot of variables. Win twice and a deep run in St. Louis, I could see a 4. Lose twice, one and done in STL, I could see a 9 or 10. Earn that seed on the court. Beating Pearl would be huge.

Beating Auburn would be huge but Missouri is slowing falling in RPI they are down to 41.
The only way I could see the hogs getting better than a 7 seed would be to 2 games in St Louis and beat Tennessee and Kentucky.
My feeling is another 8-9 seed. I sure hope not but that’s how I feel.

I believe we’ll be right on the 8/9 verge after tonight, but should be a lock for the field. The 4 seed would be extremely difficult to get to in my opinion. I get the feeling the Selection Committee doesn’t have the same weight assigned to your last 10 games (and thus conference tourney) that they used to. Even if we had a couple more Q1 wins there, I have a hard time seeing 4. Could be in the low 5s, however.

We were already on the 8-9 seed line! By the way when Kentucky beat us earlier this week they jumped to the 5 seed line line but that’s a blue blood. I’m hoping Kentucky gets beat twice this week. Also MooU.

You would think just beating Auburn & Mizzou would at least put us on the 7 line. That would be big! We have to get out of the 8-9 game.