Current portal signees/commitments

Midterm enrollees:

DE John Morgan III, 6-2, 265 formerly of Pitt has one year of eligibility.

OL Joshua Braun, 6-6, 335 formerly of Florida has three years years of eligibility.

QB Jacolby Criswell, 6-1, 207 formerly of North Carolina has three seasons of eligibility

WR Andrew Armstrong, 6-5, 197 formerly of Texas A&M-Commerce has two seasons of eligibility

S Alfahiym Walcott, 6-2, 219 formerly of Baylor has one year of eligibility.

CB Lorando Johnson, 6-0, 193 formerly of Baylor has three years of eligibility.

LB Antonio Grier Jr., 6-1, 225 formerly of South Florida has one year of eligibility.

WR Isaac TeSlaa, 6-4, 210 formerly of Hillsdale College has two years of eligibility.

WR Tyrone Broden, 6-7, 210 formerly of Bowling Green has two years of eligibility.


WR Maron Crockett, 6-4, 190 formerly of Memphis

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Thanks for this information. Do happen you have the list with original composite stars? If not, I will start researching each one to have a better picture of what contribution might be expected. I know some you have already shared.

With these portal commitments, incoming recruits, & returning players, what is our current player count for 2023 & how many more are we expecting or hopeful of signing? Tks

There were 48 on scholarship on campus as of Dec. 30. With Domineck leaving that lowered to 47.

If Easter signs, that would be 20 HS kids. Throw in the seven transfers and you have 74 so 11 more by my math.

Solid additions it seems to me.

Richard what does it say that Crockett took a preferred walk spot when we have so many scholarships available?
I have to assume they know where those other eleven schollies will go.

He didn’t appear in any games. Briles was on staff when they decided not to offer him in HS.

They hope to land some of the guys who visited last week and have some in mind for this weekend but there’s no way of really knowing who’s filling those 11 spots right now.

THANK YOU Richard!

At this time during the recruiting/portal season, are 11 available openings a concerning high # of unfilled positions especially compared to most other teams? Assume we had many more portal departures than we had anticipated, but that may be true for most schools. Are the expectations that we can fill all 11 via portal & HS recruits, or will we rely heavily on walk-ons or otherwise unfilled? Thank you.

Update 1-29-23… So we have 9 open spots left after Easter signs……. Here is how I see it…

1 -Transfer DL……
2- Transfer DL…
3- Transfer TE….
4- Transfer OL…
5- Transfer DB
6- Transfer Safety…
7- Transfer DB/Nickel
8- Best available…
9- Best available……

I would think after this offer you could see them visiting.

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