Current plans for Justice Hill

He plans to play football in the fall and graduate in Dec. and start practicing with BB team in Jan.

So he is going to skip his senior year in basketball :?

So does he intend to play the second semester for the Hogs, or just practice? And… will he be going through spring football practice as well?


Plan is to redshirt in BB and play in the fall. No idea on football yet.

That is very strange to me , for a kid to skip his senior year in B.B so that he can come in and redshirt… Maybe it’s the new trend :roll:

That’s been the plan for quite sometime.

I kind of like it. He gets a lot more out of practicing with his college team mates during game weeks than he would playing high school ball. He also gets a chance to get used to college life and goes through the entire off-season program.

Justice believes he will be bettered served practicing against college kids than playing against High School ones

Dudley how long do you think it will take for the incoming BB class to make a major impact next season? Also comparing them to Beard, Macon and Bardford do you think they will be more productive.

I hope he doesn’t regret that decision years from now. Being a kid , enjoying his last year in high school is a time he will never get back. What’s the rush?


Justice believes he will be bettered served practicing against college kids than playing against High School ones

Makes since

Dr. Fitz Hill is a big believer in education also. I heard him say that he believes the early start would allow Justice to gain ground towards a masters degree in 4 1/2 years.

what kind of prospect is he??

It is not a rush. It is well thought out plan to get a Masters degree in 5 yrs and also a leg up on being prepared to play in 2019-20 season.

Also isn’t this a common practice for early enrollees in football?

The difference is in football they get to play their SR of HS football. I think it’s a great idea and am very happy this is happening for the BB program. There are no negatives from my perspective.

Top 100 PG. Super athletic, very good ball handler that has mostly been a facilitator playing up one level for the Arkansas Hawks. Think Tremont Waters in terms of ability to penetrate and pitch. Unsure of how well he shoots. … id=1650027

It’s a very mature, selfless decision. I can’t think of too many kids who would say, “I don’t care about the headlines, I just want to get better,” instead of “I want to be the star of the show.”

Sense when?


Seeing as how you are losing at least the six seniors and possibly Gafford, the 6 of them and transfer Jalen Harris will all have to come in and make a major impact right away.

The roster should look like this with returnees listed first:

PG - Jalen Harris, Keyshawn Embery, Desi Sills
SG - CJ Jones, Khalil Garland (?), Isaiah Joe,
SF - Darious Hall, Jordan Phillips
PF - Adrio Bailey, Reggie Chaney
C - Daniel Gafford, Reggie Chaney, Ethan Henderson