Current odds to win the College World Series

Got an email this morning with fresh odds to win the national title. From

Odds listed yesterday at, before the last two CWS spots were settled:

Texas +360
Stanford +460
Oregon State +470 (oops)
A&M +750
Arkansas +850
Notre Dame +900
OU +900
Rebnecks +950
Auburn +1900
UConn +4500

Hate to say it but I feel AM is the favorite

Aggies are definitely the hot team. But they haven’t left College Station yet.

It surprises me where they have A$M. I don’t know that I’d make them the favorite, but I’d put them higher in the order than they are. Regardless, I’m glad to see us as high as we are. Not sure it means anything. I don’t know how much those oddsmakers know about college baseball. But still, it means somebody who is neutral & makes a living analyzing these things gives us a really good shot at winning it.

From Caesars Sportsbook via

  • Texas: +350
  • Stanford: +450
  • Notre Dame: +500
  • Arkansas: +650
  • Auburn: +750
  • Oklahoma: +800
  • Ole Miss: +850
  • Texas A&M: +900

Odds I got in my email just now from BetOnline are the exact same as above, except Texas A&M is +750.

The only reason I can think of for Texass to be the favorite is they expect an influx of orange-tinted money. They’re not the best team or the hottest team.

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Yes. These lines take into consideration anticipated betting activity. Texas fan base may be the largest fan betting pool.

Wow didn’t expect to see us above Stanford

They don’t make a lot of sense to me unless they are current lines and not opening lines. I’d guess the Caesar’s lines are current. As Scientificrocket mentioned Texas is generally over-bet in all sports. Notre Dame is the same.

From what little I’ve seen from the final teams and how they’ve played the last couple months I’d rank them like this:

Stanford - best overall pitching and batting
A&M - hottest team the last 2 months
Hogs - probably my built in bias
Auburn - beat a really tough 3 seed
Notre Dame - beat the #1 seed
OM - easiest path to the WS

edit: Current on line odds available on my Betly account at W Memphis, AR:

TX +400
Stanford +450
AR +500 - *
OM +550 - *
ND +550
OK +700
Aub +800
A&M +900

*Obvious regional bias odds for AR and OM bettors. Highest concentration of their accounts = worst odds. OM and AR Fans are betting their teams regardless of odds. This has lowered the current odds.

Only single game they currently have available for betting:

Fri - 6/17
OK vs A&M
run line - OK -1.5 - at +130
run line - A&M +1.5 at -170
Money line - OK -110 / A&M -120
total runs 13.5 - over -110 / Under -120

As close a toss-up as you’ll find

WILLIAM HILL Current (owned by Caesars)

  • Texas: +300
    Stanford: +400
  • Arkansas: +450
  • Notre Dame: +500
  • Oklahoma: +600
  • Ole Miss: +600
  • Auburn: +600
  • Texas A&M: +700

Orange $$$$ still coming, Hogs getting some action. No real love for the Ags.
Overall, tight as it should be,

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