Current BB game stats

some current data on BB game:

11 min left, Hogs up 62-38

Bailey 15 pts 7-7 fgs
Jones 22 pts 8 of 10 FG and 4-7 3s (rest of team 1-14 3s)
Whitt 10 pts - 5-10 FGs

link to live stats, play by play etc.

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78-51 final

It appears Jones (22), Bailey (15), Whitt (10), Sills (10) and Chaney (12 & 9 ) showed out in this game. Outside of Jones, 3 point shooting was dreadful, 1 of 16 for those not named Jones.

MUCH better rebounding. 49 to 26

Curious stat: CEM played Sills 36 minutes in a blow-out exhibition game?

It looks like Joe just had an off night. That will happen.
It’s nice to see the rebounding and other players score not named Joe!
The 3 disnt fall tonight and they were able to score.
The fouls are still too high!