Curlee Thomas

Richard or Dudley

Anyway we can flip this kid from Nolan Catholic? He is a beast. They also have a couple of running backs in addition to the big junior defensive lineman.

Appreciate your thoughts

Same here - cant imagine why he would not rather stay close to home and ball in the SEC west

He’s been very good about replying to me. That’s a sign he’s very interested.

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And I’m not saying its going to happen, but while it was not an option in August, it is now.

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Dudley, bumping this one again. With dl depth tearing its head again, any movement here? This kid can play.

Staying in there, but nothing new to report

I think it will be later in the season until we and even the coach knows how the last few spots are handled. There’s usually movement with the roster and I don’t expect this year to be different. How much movement? That remains to be seen.

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