Curiously wondering...

Are we playing favorites?

I read somewhere earlier in the season that LSU has long had this problem of playing favorites under Les Miles and that’s one thing that Ogeron is doing now is trying to get rid of that’s nd have the best guys on the field.

I look at or OL, and then the Depth chart, and I quickly wonder if there’s more to it than meets the eye. Have some of the more talented guys been over looked because they maybe have had some issues we don’t know about that have made Bret mad, or Bret is tired of. I can’t for the life of me believe that the OL we see is the best we can do. If so, it’s an absolute shame. Any way, I don’t want to be like this, but at some point the curiosity began to slip into my mind as I recalled the LSU instance, are we playing favorites as well?

I know the answer will be no on this board. It will be more of an answer that will be answered by the next coach if we are to have a different head man next year.

If the coaches were playing favorites, I don’t think there wouldn’t have been so much rotation along the line yesterday.

Maybe the rotation occur because coach is trying to make everybody feel good about themselves. This system will probably not work.

The only rotation I saw was putting Ramirez in at RT and moving Gibson over to guard, and that didn’t work at all.

Maybe I missed some others, but seemed like that was it.

Ramirez played left tackle during one of the second quarter touchdown drives and maybe another drive. I thought he looked better there than he did on the right side.

Zach Rogers got work in heavy sets, such as on the goal line. Colton Jackson also lined up as a sixth lineman at one point but there was a pre-snap penalty and the play never ran.

Ok, I was starting to think I saw Ramirez on the left side as well. Either way it’s just a 1 new player rotation (Ramirez) just musical chairs essentially.

I wonder if Rogers is capable of playing center and allowing Ragnow to go to either Guard or tackle, something that could potentially help.

I don’t believe coaches play favorites. It is their opinion who gives the team the best chance to win.
The O line yesterday was a complete mixed bag. AA shares some blame for holding the ball too long. If everyone would watch other games we are not alone with problems.

Rogers would move to guard before Ragnow moves away from center. I don’t see any way Ragnow changes positions.

There went through spring and fall drills and determined that Arkansas’ best chance to win up front was with Ragnow, Froholdt and Clary.

Zach was brought in as a center - was recruited by the old staff - but he is viewed more as a guard by this staff.

I have no doubt whatsoever that they are NOT playing favorites.

These coaches are not trying to lose, they understand the deal in terms of lack of job security, and wouldn’t bench somebody if they thought he was better than the person playing.