Curious to see a few things from this weeks prep

I don’t think we will be able to see if this materializes until the game is played but here goes…

How does our head coach and staff temper emotion all the while building it? Don’t peak to soon, don’t get to amped up and lose someone in practice… don’t let the team get distracted etc…… this is a huge game with a National prime time spotlight and amazing exposure……

Can we protect ? Coach Pittman needs to spend some time with coach Kennedy this week, and get Cunningham’s mind right, he quit and gave up a sack on the first roll out pass play of the season… that upset me greatly, I can only imagine what the coaches feel after seeing that on film!

Can we set the edge , control the box and get a rush ? That RB for the horns is good, but he is not any better then the RBs we’ve seen in the SEC… which are all good …. I’m saying he should not overwhelm us! Our LBers should give him a welcome to the SEC smack in the mouth!

Bishop and Brooks need to step it up but I think we have and edge with our secondary, which will have the best player on the field roaming back there. I really think if we stay healthy and develop like I think we can we will have one of the best secondaries in the SEC! We can cover UT and give Card fits…. Will we ?

Freshman kicker, will the stage be to much ? Its going to be electric and it could come down with to a big kick …

and last pride or the “Care Factor” as it’s been
Called by Clay…. Will our Arkansas born hogs play with the pride and passion to show Texas who we are by gosh ! Will our Texas born hogs play with that chip on their shoulders to show UT what they missed by gosh! Will the remaining hogs elevate their games to represent and win one for their brothers ? Fight for this state and not flinch….

Lets see???

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Brooks and Bishop make me very nervous. they simply have to play better, or else every team is going to throw at them all game long. I would.

pass rush has got to improve, or we are dead meat.

can our rush defense hold texas like they did rice? I don’t need 70 yards again, but can they hold the Horns under 150, with no long runs?

Can our OL bow up and control the line of scrimmage? can KJ throw accurately? Can Briles call a game that catches the Horns off guard-helps our team with some easy throws, make the horns play for blitzes?

special teams-yikes, can we just not drop KO’s, can we just not have punts blocked, can we punt in the same direction as our coverage. Is that too much to ask?

I do know our players will play their tails off, and I’ll yell my voice out by the second quarter, and the atmosphere should be electric for all the recruits. looking forward to this game. a lot.


It’s been so long when we all felt great about our offense. Mostly Petrino era, and maybe one of Bielema’s Enos teams. I just don’t feel good about KJ and the full offense, even less so now that I think Burks is probably hurt worse than initially publicized. You have to be accurate throwing the ball. KJ is just not that. And I’m not sure Burks can bail him out as he did against Mizzou.

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We do not have a QB.

Tend to agree. But if he’s used right running the ball, then he might become a better passer and overall commander of the offense. Someone is going to need to figure out how to competently use him. He can run the ball. I think Briles is a very mediocre O coordinator and I don’t have a lot of faith in him figuring out how to use KJ effectively.

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Gosh, what a downer of a thread based on the responses. I am going to cheer for our players that take the field!! They are what we have and I support them. I am realistic and not a " sunshine pumper, but some seem to think the game is lost already. I believe we will see improvement this week and give great effort. Will we win? Let’s play the game and see.

I freely admit I’m a Sunshine Pumper wearing my Rose Colored glasses.

Glass half full.

When someone NEVER has any positive posts it’s just kinda sad. Realism good. Always negative - sad.

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If our hogs can play with discipline and avoid the yellow laundry throw on the field they could win! The defense can get the job done the question in mind goes to Briles play calling and whether or not he uses the east west play book or the north south play book!

I’m going to do my best to keep my hopes under control this week. I just don’t want to suffer some of the pain I’ve felt in Texas games past. Still, I think we can win. We’re underdogs for a reason and I want to keep in mind that this season will be a success if we win 6 games. Texas is not one of those I penciled in. But I know when game time gets here, I’ll be like I am for every game we play.

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