Curious Spitballing Here…

But would like to see Ford and Dunning get some minutes IF we continue to struggle on offense. What will it hurt and maybe they provide a spark? I’m obviously not the coach and don’t see practice, but this bunch needs a spark off the bench. I guess the defense determines their offense strategy…I don’t know just throwing it out there, maybe bad idea?

Let Dunning try his shot at free throw area and mid range. Not every possession needs to crash to the rim in traffic.


It may not hurt! What we don’t know is how Ford and Dunning are doing in practice. That’s where you earn minutes with Muss.

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Lots of fans wanted to see more of Hornsby at QB too.

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I’m gonna spitball with ya, Doc. Muss called me this morning, and this is what I told him…
Start Graham and bring Jordan off the bench. See if starting helps Graham’s motor on D,
plus, he gets buckets. Jordan might benefit from watching the game unfold, and then come in and plug the holes.
I also told him to give Barry some run. We are a bad shooting team, but IIRC, Barry hit a few 3’s in Europe. His form looked good. Let’s see what he’s got. Couldn’t hurt.
And…then I woke up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Go Hogs!


I have to admit I’m shocked that dunning has not got any playing time to speak of. He was talked about very highly in the summer and I just assumed he would be getting a good shot at the rotation but he basically hasn’t played at all.
I also thought Ford would come in and be a lot better than he has been but evidently both of these guys in practice just aren’t getting it done in some phase of our game. I doubt he’s holding them out just because he wants to… He pretty much has to I guess but sometimes people are gamers and I would like to see them get a shot if we continue to struggle


Funny post for sure, I don’t think Muss is against any change in the line up if he believes it would change the way we performed. It would not surprise me to see someone other than Walsh starting today, if for no other reason than to take pressure off of him and build some desire. WPS

It seems the players from the smaller classification schools struggle more when they get to college, especially on the defensive side. Ford (4A) and Pinion (5A) as examples. If they stick around, you frequently see a big jump as sophomores.

Barry is a big enigma. I think most on this board, including me, thought he would be in the rotation after watching him on the European tour. He looked very good, on both offense and defense in Europe. Good looking shot and very good rebounder. Muss also seemed to speak highly about him.

Honestly, when he did get a few minutes off the bench early this season, he didn’t look very good or comfortable on the floor. It’s a mystery.

I am not a coach But I have been watching ball a looooong time. I played. And my granddad was a coach. My Mom was all-conference in HS and played for Ark Tech. And I…well I once scored 30 against the LSU football team intramural squad in the LSU intramural league. That was my career highlight! Seriously! Ha! Not a high school game. An intramural game when I was 32 years old! So those are my qualifications. Which means, of course, I don’t have any.

That said: Dunning looks a tad limited offensively to me at this stage. Maybe a little overwhelmed? I don’t know. I don’t think he’s the answer. Not yet. Ford is a penetrate and distribute player. Problem is, distribute to WHO? AB already has that problem. He is a distributer that is being forced into an alpha scorer along with Ricky.

What we need, in my unqualified opinion, is for Muss to be a tad more patient with Graham and Pinion. Hope they come along enough defensively to allow then to stay on the floor. Because until AB has some offensive weapons to distribute to, we won’t see his best either.

Walsh needs to see the ball go into the hole too. And finally, the most obvious of all, we need Nick back. It seems obvious to me he’s trying to make that happen. And I for one appreciate it.

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Well to be totally fair to him when you have played as little as he has there is nowhere in this world you can feel comfortable in the game. It’s very hard to come off the bench even for an experienced player much less a kid who basically has played none.

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Even though I know E.F. Hutton and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, I’m not going to offer an opinion of what Muss should do today. I’m just going to root for the hogs, sip on a beer, and recliner in my chair.

Everyone thinks Friday the 13th is bad, but Saturday the 14th is worse. So I take it ease and don’t do much!! And if you get that reference then you’ve seen too many old 80’s cheesy movies!!

100% agreement here. Dunning especially needs PT, IMHO.

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I think that happens today

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I hope so.time for Graham to get quite a few minutes. May suffer a little bit on defense but we need his offense badly. I think he can play better defense as well it just has to be a mindset for him.

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Lol! I woke up this am thinking about how bad our offense has been & a pot coffee later, I had arrived at Dunning & Ford should play some.

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I sure don’t claim any expertise, but it appears that Graham offers some interesting potential, at least offensively. He seems to have a scorers mentality and even though the Hogs are extremely limited from the outside, I wonder if we attacked the zone with more of a interior focus, if some of mid-range guys could get better shots when the defense collapses around the interior passes.

OK…'sounds like there is general agreement for Muss having another chance to coach this one alone against Vandy. The Insider Swat Team will hold off today. Hopefully, he will sense it is getting extremely real close to time for the HI Swat team to put a game plan together. Surely, he has conducted a few sessions with the 4 Stars in creation of a crack offensive unit to deploy now to save the season. I am sure this is the case. No doubt added to this preparation, he has Graham watching old Bill Russel game film to turn him into a defensive demon. I bet there is more but my toast for my ham sandwich is burning that need to prepare by game time… My today’s game be a victory… WPS!! :sunglasses: