Curious, RD

We have Blocker committed, but Muss hasn’t secured another commit in months. Meanwhile, Duke and Kentucky seem to already have their classes almost complete. If we sign Holland, Fall, and Diop, we have another top 5 class. What is taking so long for the next shoe to drop?

I’m guessing it will be Arkansas for both Diop and Fall. Eventually Muss should get both their commitments. I’m not quite ready to state that with 100% certainty, as of now.

Here’s my take.

First, if you’re comparing us to Duke and Kentucky in recruiting, I don’t think that’s a fair comparison yet. Their programs are still far ahead of ours in brand and success, both on the court and in recruiting. Brand quality takes more than two years.

Second, and related to the above, we’re fighting some other programs that recruit well. It’s that simple. The kids are still weighing their options and the start of football season is the prime time to take visits.

I bet within 30 days we’ll have some answers.

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I agree

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Didn’t Fall and Holland indicate they may wait until spring before committing?

All projections still indicate Holland, Fall and Diop to Arkansas. Looks like we have a good shot at High.

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High will be a tough get. Not saying Arkansas doesn’t have a shot here, but N Carolina is thought to be the leader at the moment.

Agree with RA. Duke and NC along with Kentucky are the cream of the crop.

A&M has 12 commitments in FB while Arkansas has 23. It might flip flop next year.

The Hogs only signed one Texan in FB last year and they have five commitments from Texas this year. The numbers vary from year to year.

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Is High going to visit Arkansas sometime in the future? Strange Arkansas is in his top 5 yet no visit. I like his game for sure.

Seems like a Wesley Yates situation with High. Maybe. Unless High plans on visiting eventually.

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