Curious, mods

Why was the LeBron/ Griner thread trashed? Please explain.

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Because it mentioned LeBron, now they should trash this one too :grin:


It’s just another example of how PC Culture is killing comedy in our country. Don’t post anything funny here; you’ll offend somebody. Geez


This mentions Brittney and LeBron. If you care about this … better read the article fast.


No hurry, OldGrey. Your link to the ESPN article should be OK with the HI moderators because it’s not satirical humor, and it’s not critical of King James the Statesman.

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Got bant cuz u done kilt off Festus.

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The affable Walter Brennan has always been one of my favorite character actors. Love his wink and a smile in my new avatar.
Ole Festus got taken to the woodshed over me posting an egregious link to a funny Babylon Bee spoof. So, Festus is in timeout for a while.

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Censorship in the USA…who woulda thunk it? :sunglasses:

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How is it censorship? This is a business with rules of conduct or nah? The lack of understanding of these basic concepts should be embarrassing, but here we are in this ridiculous time and space.

Sam Pittman, Eric Musselman, and Dave Van Horn walk into a Dallas bar with a big pig on a leash. The bartender yells out…

Whew! That was a close call. I almost posted a joke.
(I’m living on the edge these days.)

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As if that’s the subject. From my pov the joke is the sender… And his use of false equivalencies.

Living dangerously these days. It will get worse, and then…

And then what? Another J6? Every joke is a subtle threat with you guys.

I was on vacation last week. I don’t know what happened. Sorry.

All for standards and certainly support the rights of a business to establish standards, but if standards are applied differently to different philosophical/political opinion (and some may feel this is the case) then it can have the same effect as censorship. Most probably agree with a political free board, but don’t always understand why some seemingly have more latitude.

I wasn’t on vacation, but I don’t always read the basketball board. I didn’t see the thread and I have no idea about why it was pulled.

Keith, I’ve been apart of a few newsrooms full time and or freelance over the years, I’m fully aware… But let me be frank, many of my posts that offer a full throated retort to some of these cretin’s ridiculous machinations are censored, but you don’t see me whinging like a prat.

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